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PeaPickers – My Favorite Summer Time Drink

Summer is my favorite time of year!! I love the sun, the heat, being outside, extra family time and SUMMER DRINKS on the deck!!!

One of my favorite summer drinks is The PeaPicker.

Super easy – just 2 ingredients:PeaPicker

Limeade and Vodka

Make the limeade according to the directions on the can.  Then mix 3 parts limeade with 1 part vodka.

We like to make ours in a big pitcher!!!PeaPicker

Pour a glass and enjoy the beautiful evening on the deck (or your porch, driveway, parking lot – whatever!!!).PeaPicker

Educated Cosmo

Years ago (about 10, actually) – Chris and I were in Biloxi, MS for our anniversary.  We took a little get-away every year for our anniversary for the first 10 years we were married.  And then…..Life happened!  (Really the only reason we haven’t for the last # of years is we haven’t had any one to watch our boys.)  It’s OK – the boys are such a fun age now that we like to be with them all the time!

Anyway, one night in Biloxi, we went out to a really nice place (can’t remember the name) and I had my first ever Martini!!!  The waiter suggested I try an Educated Cosmo – so good I think I had 2!!

After we came back to Kansas I tried to order one wherever I went – no luck – no one knew what I was talking about!  Finally, Chris figured out the basic ingredients and came up with our version of this awesome drink!!!

The Educated Cosmo

  • 1 part vodka
  • 1 part Triple Sec
  • 1 part RazzMatazz
  • 1 part Cranberry Juice
  • splash of lime juice

Mix all ingredients with a little ice in a shaker and shake away!!

gotta shake it!!
gotta shake it!!

Pour the mixture into your favorite martini glass and enjoy!

good stuff!
good stuff!

(tonight’s favorite glass – shoes, shoes…)