3 Recent Scares

How do you handle those true scares – you know – when someone jumps out at you or startles you?!  When the boys were younger, they decided that it was super fun to scare their parents (but for some reason neither one of them like to be scared by us – hmmm…..).

1.  A couple weeks ago I mentioned one night at dinner that I had jumped a little when I walked through our “play room” to get to my workout room one morning (5:15ish).  Hunter had left his cello in there after his lesson the night before but with the light off (I only turn on minimal lights in the mornings) I didn’t know what it was.  

this is exactly how it looked
this is exactly how it looked

See how the hat could make it look like a person?  

So, Jordan sat and listened  and formulated a plan.

The next morning I went downstairs a bit after 5:00 am just like every morning.  I was messing with my phone (I like to take a few minutes to check FB and mail before I start my workout) so I walked through the workout room, flipped on the light and then into the living room to put my water down.  I went back to the workout room to get what I needed for my 44 and saw this – 

Jordan in his wizard's cloak
Jordan in his wizard’s cloak

I about came unglued!!  Jordan got up at 4:30 am to make sure he was standing in place like this when I walked in so that he could scare me – he succeeded!!  I’m pretty sure that I could have skipped my workout since my heart rate was sky high!!!

2.  Last week I was working at the venue – I was setting up the ballroom which involved trips to the back room for tables and chairs.  And, I had music playing so I was in my own world!!!  


I was busy working not paying attention to anything else and I happened to look up and see someone walking toward me carrying stuff.  

Chris, Jordan &Hunter(Obviously this isn’t a current picture but for some reason I don’t have many of Chris in his flight suit.)

I might have shrieked just a bit!!

Turns out Chris knew that I was going to be there all day (over 8 hours) cleaning, setting up and ironing table cloths and he brought me lunch!!!

3.  Saturday morning we had to clean at the venue AGAIN but I decided to try something new.  Since Chris was off and could help, I told him that I was going to run from our house to the GRH and meet him there.  (and he could do the cleaning!!!)

I wasn’t sure how far it was for the route that I planned (it turned out to be exactly 10 miles!!) – I knew that there was going to be one sketchy part through the ghetto but it was only about 7 blocks so I decided to just suck it up and go.

I was running along on this awful brick sidewalk  in the part I dreaded – Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 5.45.07 PMIt was very uneven!!  All of a sudden I heard this man yelling something.  I looked up and saw an emaciated guy in overalls without a shirt on a rickety porch – then I heard the DOG!!

There was a chain link fence that looked similar to this – Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 5.49.41 PMand I had no idea if there was a gate or the dog was fixing to spring out at me.  I jumped into the street and the creepy man started laughing.  He said, “Aw, he won’t hurt you – he can’t even get out.”

Thankfully the lady with no shirt or teeth, just a blanket wrapped around her (even though it was unbelievable hot and muggy) and the guy with her didn’t laugh, too!!!

I’m not sure that my heart rate ever settled the rest of my run!!!

What has been your most recent scare?

Happy Monday – hopefully a day with no scares!!!


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