A Week of Fun (7/27-8/2)

This week the 44s were all about having fun!!!

Sunday 7/27  44 sets of 10 jumps on a Pogo Stick!!

So, I did a total of 440 jumps (plus some more just because it was so much fun).  Jordan and Hunter also tried the Pogo Stick – Jordan was a natural and Hunter struggled to get more than 2 jumps but has practiced during the week and is up to about 30!!!  Chris jumped once and said that was plenty!

Monday 7/28  44 “hopscotch” jumps – start on right foot – hop front to both feet – back to left – front to both – back to right for 1 rep.

This was fun even though my balance was a bit off!!!

I started the Lean Circuit in Chalean Extreme and did Lean Circuit 1. This is the circuit that really pushes you as far as lifting heavy for more reps – I have been pretty sore this week!!!

It was also a run day – 6 miles in 41:58 + 2.25 easy miles.

Tuesday 7/29  44 power skips with a step back.  Skip by pushing off left foot then stepping back with left foot.  

Jordan did the video and totally cracked me up!!!  He said, well you do it – so I did even though it was afternoon and I had on real clothes!

I did 44 with my left leg and then 44 more with my right.

This was another run day – 6 miles in 40:55 + 1 easy mile.

Wednesday 7/30  44 Carioca – right over left – right behind left for 1 rep.  Do all reps with right leg leading then another set of 44 with left leg leading.

Back to heavy lifting – Chalean Extreme Lean Circuit 3.  I didn’t realize that I did circuit 3 instead of 2 until later in the week – oh, well!!!

Thursday 7/31  44 shuffle jacks.

I did 44 sliding right and then 44 more with a left shuffle.

It was also a run day – 5 miles in 34:27 + 1.9 easy miles.

Friday 8/1 – 44 front – back hops.

I loved this move – it went fast but it was a great way to move and have fun!

I did another round of Chalean Extreme – Lean Circuit 2.  I thought it was supposed to be circuit 3 and then realized I had done the wrong one on Wednesday – it doesn’t really matter though – they all got done!!!

Saturday 8/2  44 fun run step.  Run front – back with right foot and then do a set with the left foot.

Even though I look like a goof, I loved this move – super fun!!!

And, I ran again – 8.3 miles in 59:24 (I wanted to see what I could do in an hour without killing myself!) + 1 easy mile.

This week was a little different – I had to shorten a lot of my workouts (the actual time) because I worked enrollment for the school and had to be showered and out the door by about 6:40.  Thankfully the boys all helped me get my videos done later in the day!!!

Happy Saturday!


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