Bender Ball

This is a short and quick work-out but it is one you will definitely feel.  It is all core – upper abs, lower abs and obliques.

Bender Ball
Bender Ball

Leslie Bender  developed this training method and she takes you through the work-out.  It is easy to follow and she has someone who shows modifications if necessary.  Adding the “Bender ball” really does change up how the exercises feel.

The work-out moves quickly and is all core.  There really isn’t a true warm-up or cool down but I’m not sure there needs to be.  Each section (upper abs, lower abs, obliques) is about 5 minutes and the whole thing only takes just over 16 minutes.

Leslie does keep it moving so there isn’t wasted time.  I like that you spend almost the entire time truly working your core!

I enjoy mixing up my routines and this is a great one to throw in from time-to-time.

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