BOSU and Balance – Hmmm….

I thought I knew what I was going to do for my 43 today but then this happened:

Balancing (or not)

I took off the band and tried again.


Great –  if I were going for the  uncoordinated ballerina look!!!  So, I finally got my 43 done (the best I could).  It was just a “simple” side-leg abduction while balancing on the BOSU.  I think the balancing was what did me in!!!  I did manage to lift my leg, hold it a second then  squeeze my butt as I lowered it 43 times and then switch sides for 43 more but it was not even remotely pretty!

As Good as it Gets

At least the rest of my work-out wasn’t so goofy!  I did Chalean Extreme Burn Circuit 2.  (biceps, triceps and back).  It was hard today because my triceps were sore from yesterday’s side-moving push-ups! Love that sore feeling!!!

Have a great Sunday!!!



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