Burn & Firm Pilates

This is another DVD from the Crunch series of workouts.  I like the fact that even though it is Pilates, I still feel like I get a decent workout.DSCN0339

The workout is led by Ellen Barrett and she really does a nice job explaining, cuing and keeping everyone motivated!!

One of the things that I really like about this workout is you use dumbbells!!  One of the ladies doesn’t use any to show the modifications.  The others use really light weights (I think 2-3 pounds).  I like to use 5 pound DBs when I do this program.

Most of this workout is done standing – about 35 minutes.  The first 12 minutes is a nice warm-up and light cardio. Then there is about 20 minutes of standing cardio based Pilates using the weights.  (I love this part!!)  Finally, there is a 10 minute floor section – mostly abdominal pilates moves and some stretches.

This is a great workout when you have less than an hour (45 minutes!!) and don’t want anything high impact.

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