Camera Issues (might have to go shopping!)

So weird – this morning when I went downstairs to do my daily 43, Jordan recorded me and everything worked fine.  However, after I finished my work-out and came up to upload the video – NOTHING!!!  I can’t get the camera to turn on.  I plugged it in to computer – NOTHING! I plugged it in to wall to charge – STILL NOTHING!!!  Crazy! (and a bit frustrating!)

Today for my 43, I used my kettlebell again.

20# Kettle Ball
20# Kettle Bell

This time I kept all of the plates in it so it was the full 20 pounds.  I used it for kettlebell  swings.  (Last night I watched this video, so I will use it since I can’t get to mine!!!)

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I used the same form she did – just not as much weight!!!  Still, 43 with 20 pounds was no joke!!!  I was panting by the end!!!  This move worked so many different muscle groups – I should really incorporate more kettlebell into my work-outs!

I’m still keeping up with the 12 Days of Fitness.  Today (day 8) added bicep curls – I used 15 pound dumbbells for this move.

I felt pretty good after my run yesterday – I don’t have the sharp pain in my hip that I had for months!!!  I haven’t decided if I will give it the rest of the 8 weeks (4 more left) to heal or just start running again.  I might give it another week or two – I’m all about compromising!!!

I did Turbo Jam, Cardio Party 2 today.  Chalene really does make the work-out feel like a party!  I still kept it semi-low impact – I would rather be able to run sooner than later!!!

Today, is the last day before school starts back!  Jordan is in a bit of a funk – this hasn’t been his favorite year of school. :Worry:   I told him that tomorrow is a new start and we just have to be positive!!!  I hope the spring semester is better for him!!!

Screen shot 2013-01-02 at 9.45.13 AMMaybe we should watch this movie today – there is a lot we can learn from Mary Poppins!!!

Happy Wednesday!



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