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43 “Treats”

In honor of Halloween, I thought I would change my 43 a little today and instead of doing 43 of a single exercise, I did 43 exercises for a minute each!!! No tricks here – all “treats”!!!

The 43 Plan: (notice – there is NO break in between each exercise!)

  1. Jog in place
  2. Butt kicks
  3. Heisman
  4. Mountain climbers
  5. Crunches
  6. Right knee repeater
  7. Left knee repeater
  8. Right leg – single leg hops – in place – for height
  9. Left leg – single leg hops – in place – for height
  10. Squat with feet together – don’t come all the way out of the squat at the top
  11. Hold plank (on hands)
  12. High knees
  13. Jumping jacks
  14. Tricep extensions – both arms – 8 pound dumbbells
  15. Right leg forward lunge – push off right heel to stand each time
  16. Left leg forward lunge – push off left heel to stand each time
  17. Plank jacks
  18. Shoulder press – 8 pound dumbbells
  19. Plie squat – jump to right side kick
  20. Plie squat – jump to left side kick
  21. Speed skaters – reach opposite hand to foot
  22. Double-leg hops – front and back
  23. Burpees with jump at top
  24. Step-touch (a small breather!!!)
  25. Tuck jumps
  26. Biceps curls (both arms) – 8 pound dumbbells
  27. Right leg – front kick-back kick
  28. Left leg – front kick-back kick
  29. Alternate jumping lunges
  30. Hold right side plank (on elbow)
  31. Hold left side plank (on elbow)
  32. Right snap kick (hitch jump with left leg to right kick)
  33. Left snap kick (hitch jump with right leg to left kick)
  34. Walking lunges
  35. Plie with calf raise (stay in plie the entire minute)
  36. Rows – 8 pound dumbbells
  37. Push-ups on toes
  38. Alternate jabs to front – stay in low plie – twist at waist
  39. Stiff leg dead lift – 8 pound dumbbells
  40. Right leg single-leg squat
  41. Left leg single-leg squat
  42. Alternate side bends – 8 pound dumbbells
  43. Leg swing (pendulum) – opposite arm punches up
This is how my plan looked – I wrote it out in advance so that I could go continuously for the entire 43 minutes!!!
Plan for 43 Treats

I used my Gymboss timer which made it super easy to get a full minute for each exercise without watching the clock.

Gymboss Timer

I just set the timer for 1 minute with only 1 interval (you can put in 2 if you want a recovery interval) and set the counter at 43.  Simple – at the end of each minute it chimed and started right into the next minute count-down!!

(I think you can get them through Amazon, also.)


This 43 really was a treat – I was surprised at how quickly the 43 minutes went.  Try your own version – maybe a 26, a 32 – whatever you can do!!!

Halloween Martini Glass

I pulled down my Halloween Martini glass – I figure I will have a true treat later tonight!!!!

I’m going to get some Halloween candy today (finally).  I haven’t bought any because I knew that it wouldn’t last till tonight if I did – the boys Chris I would eat it!!!!  Now I will just eat whatever is left after tonight!!!

Happy Halloween!!!!


Do y’all like Halloween?  Do you dress up? I have to be honest – I’m really not a huge Halloween fan – don’t know why – just how things are!

Garage Circuit

I love circuit training.  It is such an effective way to work-out.  Plus, the possibilities are endless!!!

Today I did a circuit in my garage for my 43.  (Actually, it was my entire work-out!)

Here is the circuit:

  • Jump rope x 5
  • Squat – hold 5 count
  • Dumbbell front raise to side, down, raise and move back to front (like a T) x 5
  • Alt side kicks x 5 each way
  • Standing oblique crunches – slow and controlled x 5 each side
  • Calf raises

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I did make a change for my 43 from the demo.  I did the calf raises at the same time as the dumbbell move so I went up on my toes when I raised the dumbbells to the front and stayed up until I lowered them back in front.  I figured that way I worked multiple muscle groups and actually had to hold the calf raises longer.

It took me 56:35 to complete 43 times through the circuit.  The only time I stopped was to make tally marks after every 5 sets so that I didn’t lose count.

A great thing about doing the circuit in my garage was this spectacular view:

View from my garage!

Happy Sunday!