Fat Burning Pilates

Fat Burning PilatesThis is a Pilates workout that I like to do on days when I want to do something but nothing hard-core.

It is a Crunch Fitness DVD.Screen shot 2013-03-02 at 3.05.11 PMEllen Barrett is the instructor and she has a nice easy style for leading the workout.

This workout is 2 sections:  a standing (cardio-based pilates) section which is about 30 minutes and a mat pilates section that is about 15 minutes.  No equipment is required unless you want a mat for the floor work.

Even during the standing segment, Ellen tells you when to inhale and exhale since breathing is an essential component of pilates (well, life, too!).

There is a modifier for any moves that might be a little more difficult – I think she really only modifies a few of the mat moves.

I think this is a program that anyone (regardless of current fitness level) could successfully complete.

I like having this program to fall back on when I need to move but not jump, run or lift!


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