For Health or Vanity?

Today’s 43 was for the core but I also felt it in my legs (a lot!).  I did a move that I saw in  Oxygen.

Start in a V-sit with a towel (I used some tubing) held firmly in both hands and legs wide. Keep your upper body still  while bringing your legs in and stacking the right over the left.  Return to the start position then bring legs in with left over right.  I counted 1 rep as a right on top then a left on top (so I moved my legs in and out 86 times to complete the 43).

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This was HARD!!  I’m happy that I’ve completed this particular 43!

I tried a new DVD today and it was awesome!!  I’ve read lots of great things about Cathe Friedrich lately and I decided to try out some of her workouts.

Today I did Cathe – CrossFire.  The workout was 55 minutes of pretty high intensity.  It was mostly cardio but a lot of the moves are good for toning, too.  I loved the variety of the moves!  I also appreciate that she did the entire workout right along with us and it was obvious that she was working hard, too – made me feel much better!  I did the 9 minute Bonus Core workout after I finished.

Can’t wait to try some more of Cathe’s workouts!!

Varicose veins – I have them and hate the way they make my legs look!

right leg
right leg
left leg
left leg
left ankle
left ankle

I have several of the great big puffy veins plus spider veins everywhere.  About 7 years ago I saw a specialist and she told me about all of the options to have them removed but she said that insurance wouldn’t cover it because it was a cosmetic surgery.  I decided that I could swallow my vanity and just live with them.

Well, yesterday I had another appointment with the same specialist.  She said they have definitely gotten worse and may have started breaking off….Anyway, maybe this time insurance will decide that this is something that needs to be done for health reasons (not just because I don’t like them!!).

Opinions?  Do you have varicose veins?  Do they bug you?  Would you have them removed even if insurance didn’t pay?

Happy Tuesday!  (I’m going to go walk on the treadmill – less about the exercise at this point – I need to watch last night’s episode of The Bachelor and I figure moving is better than sitting!!! Don’t judge – I’m sure some of y’all like mindless reality TV, too!!!)


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