Friday Happy Hour

Today for the 44 I did donkey kicks.  You start in plank (although after starting to kick I never went back to plank) and kick your feet up in the air.  

This is one of those moves that it takes a couple of reps to get into the rhythm.  Even though the demo just shows slow ones, I mixed it up and did 5 slow and then 5 quick until I completed all 44.

I did another new Biggest Loser DVD today – Calorie Knockout.  Overall it was a good workout.  The first segment was with Anna Kournikova and she led it sort-of like she led her team the season she was on The Biggest Loser (not that well!!!).  It was supposed to be 15 minutes and at 12 she said we were done – WHAT?!

Thankfully the next 2 segments were really good and very intense – one with Bob and the other with Dolvett!

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 6.45.42 AMSince it’s Friday I thought it would be fun if we had happy hour and all y’all are invited!! 

What will you bring? 
And more importantly what are you happy about?

I’m probably going to bring some wine (Moscato) because I LIKE WINE!!! And I might also bring some chips and guacamole because that sounds good today!!!  (Feel free to bring a protein shake if that is more your style!!)

I’m happy that this weekend is a 3 day weekend for all of us – Chris is off on Monday and the boys don’t have school!!!  Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 6.54.04 AMActually Chris has a 4 day weekend since he is off today – glad I only have 2 meetings this morning and the rest of the day free!!!

I’m happy that this weekend is supposed to be warm again – 63 is the predicted high for Sunday!!  I will definitely take that in January!!

I’m happy that I know someone who is at least thinking about running the 50 mile race with me in May!!!  I hope it works out, Carmen!!!

I’m also happy that in the last year I have made so many great bloggy friends – I appreciate all of y’all who stop in and read my ramblings – I enjoy getting to know you and also love to see people that I already know over here!!!

Happy Friday!!!



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