Fun Friday for Sure!!!

I used my treadmill again for my 43 today!!  I took one of the moves that Charlotte (The Great Fitness Experiment) demonstrated on the treadmill and modified it to make it work on my treadmill.

The move is a walking plank (hands on the treadmill – feet on the floor or a box) with the treadmill at 1 mph.  She did it off the back of the treadmill but I don’t have room behind mine so I did it in the reverse by going off the front of the treadmill!

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(I don’t know why it is so dark – but you get the idea!!)  I counted a right hand and left hand as 1 rep so I moved my hands 86 times to get the 43.  And, just for fun, I did 2 sets!! Thanks for a great idea, Charlotte!!!

To protect my hands, I wore a pair of lifting gloves:DSCN2824

The rest of my work-out was…..big surprise….Les Mills Combat – Combat 45.  Lots of jumping moves in this one!!!

Screen shot 2013-03-08 at 7.23.17 AM


Definitely Fun Friday today!!!  The boys don’t have school (teacher work day), Chris is off, I’m having a mammogram and bone density scan (oh, wait – not sure that fits with the theme!!!) – It’s gonna be a great day!!!

And……..I PASSED!!!!!  Once again, I’m an ACE certified personal trainer.

DSCN2828I know it’s blurry, but can you tell it says PASS?!  I’m just happy that today I don’t have to study!!!

I’m off to let the fun begin!

Happy Fun Friday!!!



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