Fun Friday – Give Away!!!

Today I decided to do some cardio for my 43.  This one was quick, easy and fun!!!  I used one of my favorite pieces of equipment:


The move:  single leg stick (jump up and land on one foot) while lifting opposite knee then lunge back and touch BOSU.

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I’m breathing hard in the demo because those were actually my last ones!!  And, of course, both sides have to be even so it was a double 43!!!

The rest of my workout today was one of my favorites – Turbo Fire!!  I did Fire 60 which is 60 minutes of fun-filled cardio with 4 HIIT drills thrown in!  I’ve said it before – any workout with Chalean (Johnson) is both fun and a great workout at the same time!

OK – the big surprise.  I have a giveaway for y’all!!  A friend of mine recently started selling Origami Owl Jewelry.  I went to her first home party and  ended up buying a necklace that I thought would be perfect as a giveaway.Giveaway - necklace

Can you read it?  It says – I AM FEARLESS

How perfect!!  I read about people pushing themselves in so many ways to do things they never dreamed they could.  Even if you don’t blog about it – I know all of you are amazing and fearless!!!

To enter just follow the steps below – hopefully it works!!!  Apparently, if you use Google Reader, the links to my site don’t always work.  I did go to my site (on a computer I never use so I wasn’t logged in as admin) and check all the links and they are fine that way.  Sorry – if you have a problem with the links – you can just leave a comment below to enter to win!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you want to check out the other jewelry and charms available from Origami Owl here is a link.  They have some really cool stuff at pretty reasonable prices!

Good Luck!!

Happy Fun Friday (PE subbing for me – yippee!)!


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