Happy Birthday, Hunter!!! (and the link-up that wasn’t meant to be)

Today is Hunter’s birthday – my little boy is growing up – not really little anymore!!

I still got in a 43 amidst the before school birthday festivities!  Today I adapted a move that Tina at Best Body Fitness  had as part of her Move-It Monday Lower Body Burner.  She had a sumo deadlift as one of the moves.  I did a pretty close version of the move she showed but I chose to keep  my legs straight on the way down.

I used my kettlebell (20 pounds) which I really like for deadlifts – it helps keep me centered!!KettlebellI stood with my feet in a wide squat:


From that position, I leaned forward until the kettlebell was right at the ground.

down (flat back!!)
down (flat back!!)

I love deadlifts – I think because you are supposed to stick your butt out!!!

stick your butt back!!
stick your butt back!!

This was a fun 43!!

The rest of my workout was a run.  I was planning to link up with Miss Zippy because she is having a #Best Run link-up today.  However, near the end of my run I decided there was no way to qualify today’s run as a best of anything!

I ran 5 miles in 37:00 (1.5% incline) and did another 1.5 miles as a cool-down.  The problem today is my hamstring hurt the entire time I was running.  Last week when I ran 24 miles the only part of my body that was really sore was my left hamstring and butt.  I figured it would go away (isn’t that how things usually work??!!)  Today it still hurt when I ran – really??  I thought that a hamstring injury was a sprinter problem!!!  (OK – I know it can happen to anyone but seriously, I just got back into hard running after my stress fracture – ugh, and it was my left hip – coincidence?)

Anyway…..this wasn’t my best run so I’m not going to even pretend that it was even though I really wanted to participate in the link-up fun!

But, it’s still a great day because today is my baby’s birthday – I guess being 12 means he isn’t really a baby at all!

Hunter - baby pics

Hunter was born 6 weeks early and had to spend his first week in the NICU.  Sadly, I didn’t even get to hold him until he was already a day old because I had my own problems and the nurses and DR wouldn’t let me get up.  The bottom pictures are his last day in the hospital (which was Easter that year!) and Jordan meeting Hunter for the first time – brotherly love from the start!!

Hunter Birthday morningThis morning, Hunter opened his presents – mostly new Rubik cubes which is exactly what he wanted!  The bottom right picture is him under the clock at his exact time of birth (7:31 am).

I’m very proud of the young man that Hunter is becoming!  It is been 11 awesome years and 1 year that was not quite as  awesome :Wink:  (When Hunter was 3, was really into pitching fits – lots of them -all the time for no reason at all – GOOD TIMES!!!)  Hunter really does make me happy every day!!!

Happy birthday, Hunter!!!  I love you!!

Happy Monday!


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