Headed to Texas!!!

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So, the other day when I talked about our spring break I didn’t mention the fact that I’m taking a quick trip to Texas.  Really quick!!

I’m driving down today (Friday) and will drive home on Sunday.  On Saturday I’m running a little race –

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Yep – even though I might have said that I was moving on and done with the 50 mile races, I’m running 50 miles on Saturday!!!

One of the great things about this race is the fact that it is in

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I haven’t lived in Texas in a lot of years, but it is my home country!!!  I will always be a Texan!

I’m excited to return to my home state to race – it has been a long time.

Also, I’m meeting up with a blog friend – Chelsea from TheDancingRunner.  She has run many marathons and has decided to give ultra running a try!!

I’m going to Texas solo – trying to plan a quick trip with the family is much harder than just going alone.  However, my sister

Mandi & Griffin
Mandi & Griffin

who only lives about an hour away is going to come up and stay with me Friday night and hang out at the race Saturday!!!

I feel like I have trained hard for this race and put in the miles.  Now I just need to be smart on Saturday and remember how much I love running!!!

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 9.04.22 PM50 miles is my goal – I know that I have it in me to complete the entire race!!!

How many times do you try something before you give up?
Do you have any goals that you have tried and failed but you know you can achieve?

Happy Friday!!


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