Is Curling Really a Sport?

Today’s 44 is a move that Kristin (Stuft Mama) did with her class and showed on her blog.  I had to try it because it uses my favorite piece of equipment -the  BOSU!!!  It is a triceps dip with alternating kicks.

Start with your hands on the BOSU and feet on the ground - 


Dip (triceps) and kick right leg -

down & kick
down & kick

Go back to start position -

here again
here again

Dip and kick left leg -

left kick
left kick

Since I counted a right kick and a left kick as 1 rep, I had to do 88 tricep dips to complete the 44!!!  My arms were shaking!

The February challenge with Taylor (Lifting Revolution) is a fun one!  Last week we did 100 walking lunges every day.  This week it is 400 push-ups split however you like.  Yesterday I did 135 push-ups and today I did 80 so in 2 days I’m over half-way!!!

And, I added in Les Mills Combat – Extreme Cardio Fighter today.  60 minutes of kicking, punching, twisting and just plain fun!!!

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 9.20.31 PM

Curling – is it a sport or just a past-time?  I don’t even get the concept.  Chris keeps saying it is like Shuffleboard.  Well, I’m pretty sure that shuffleboard  is a game they used to play on The Love Boat so I’m not convinced it is a true sport.

pushing the stone

pushing the stone

Here’s what I’ve figure out about curling – one person pushes the stone.


The rest of the team does a sweeping motion to speed up (or maybe it slows it down?) the stone.  Pretty sure the object is to get the stones into certain parts of the ring or something and try to knock your opponent’s stone out of the circle.

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 9.26.23 PM

What I do know is that there is ZERO cardio involved and I’ve never seen any of the participants even come close to working up a sweat.

In the 2010 Vancouver Olympics one of the competitors was actually 6 months pregnant – Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 9.32.49 PMSo, if you compare curling to some of the other events in the winter Olympics, is it really a sport?  

Ski jumping – look at the strength required to hold the body in the jump position!!!

ski jumping
ski jumping

Snowboarding – Half Pipe:  These guys (and girls) are flying up to 15 feet in the air on some of their flips.  And, then they have to land the jump and do another and another and another….

the Half Pipe
the Half Pipe

Have you seen how fast these athletes guy down the mountain while still dodging the gates?!  Look at the leg strength required to hold the position without falling!!!

Slalom Ski
Slalom Ski

The amount of athleticism required to perform some of the jumps, holds and other tricks that the ice skaters perform is amazing!!!

Figure skating
Figure skating
this while balancing on skates!
this while balancing on skates!
being thrown and spinning
being thrown and spinning

All of the skating races seem brutal – short ones, longer ones – just staying in the low position requires tremendous lower body control!!

speed skating
speed skating

Then we go back to curling – at least they can wear “fun” pants!!!

Norway team
Norway team

So – what do you think?  Is curling really a sport or is it just a hobby?

Happy Wednesday!!


94 thoughts on “Is Curling Really a Sport?”

  1. I hear you about no cardio, but I will defend anything that requires intense concentration, patience, and serious teamwork. Those teams work together much more closely than a lot of other sports. I know I for one would have a difficult time with all the concentration. And I feel bad for curlers-they get mocked all the time. Here, here for the underdogs!
    Amy recently posted…Moving (Round 2) and Colorado Marathon Training, Week 4My Profile

    1. Amy, I agree with you 100% on the teamwork. But I think that lots of things require teamwork – challenge courses are a great example. I think they are a great team builder but not really a sport.
      I’m not really trying to mock curlers – I just don’t know that I consider it a true sport. That being said, we have watched many matches in the past few days!!
      Kim recently posted…Is Curling Really a Sport?My Profile

  2. I don’t know about curling… I figure it’s kinda like Chess….and I’m horrible at chess. So if the Olympic organizers deem it credible, then it must not be too easy and thus, Go Curlers!!!
    NOW I think your tricep dip and kicks should be in the Olympics…I’m just sayin… :)
    Hope recently posted…Birthday vlogMy Profile

  3. Gosh I hope it’s a sport because I keep telling my kids I’m going to be on the next Olympic Curling Team! Who could pass up a chance to wear those wild pants? I thought you were going to say that challenge wanted 400 pushups per day. Yowza.
    Forgot to answer you: we are figure skaters here, not ice dancers. Love how I still consider myself one even though I pretty much stand around out there and shout these days.
    Marcia recently posted…Reebok #ZQuick Shoe ReviewMy Profile

    1. Marcia, you could head up a bloggers curling team – I want to play but only if we can outdo the Norway teams pants!!!
      400 push-ups a day would not workout for me – I would be in so much pain!
      I think you should still consider yourself a figure skater – just like we will always be runners even when we are to old to truly run!!!
      Kim recently posted…Is Curling Really a Sport?My Profile

  4. Curling is something you do to your hair – that about sums up my knowledge on the subject. But your workout – I have a bosu, and I’m going to do dips on it – thanks for the idea! I really worked my triceps yesterday and I am feeling the good soreness today.
    Dana recently posted…A good cryMy Profile

    1. HaHa, Dana – valid point!!
      Triceps are one of the things I tend to work a lot!! My high school Spanish teacher had those bat-wings and even though I knew nothing about muscle groups or weight training at the time, I promised myself that I would never have arms like that!!
      Kim recently posted…Is Curling Really a Sport?My Profile

  5. I walked in and caught my boyfriend watching curling one day, and I just stood there for a while because I absolutely couldn’t understand why anyone would watch it. Your post made me laugh because he has already mentioned that the only winter Olympic event he is interested in is curling! What a nut.
    *A Strong New Me* recently posted…“You’ve Lost Weight”My Profile

  6. Go out on an ice sidewalk with a kettle bell in hand and try to get down that low to the ground slide on the ice and then throw the kettle bell with force without landing on your face. There is a lot of core, balance and control involved. I’ll give curling a pass more than archery, anything involving a horse and any sport that is supposed to represent the Olympic spirit yet allows professional athletes because we get more audience and advertising dollars that way.
    Cindy recently posted…Canadian Goddess vs Pink Wonder Woman for a Good Cause!My Profile

  7. My opinion: Anything with a clock or where your opponent is in the playing field at the same time as you is a sport. Anything that is judged is a performance not a sport! Half of the Olympic games are performances, not sports.

  8. Curling is hilarious! Definitely not a sport though. Kind of goes in the category of lawn bowls & croquet IMO. I think there are a lot of things that are not considered Olympic sports that are much more physically demanding and worthy of medal recognition. But curling is kind of fun to watch because I think it is such a strange thing!
    FitBritt@MyOwnBalance recently posted…Making Healthy Meals with Cook & GoMy Profile

  9. My boy is home sick for day four- and I am ALL OFF because of it. Ugh. I get you.

    I used to CURL!!!! Why? I have NO idea…only reason I’ve got is that my parents belonged to a country club that had it- so all us kids did it every Sunday. We had a team and everything!!

    Brooms are used to soften the ice to make the stones move faster- and it’s a bit like bowling really- on ice! And the rest of the team helps get that stone in the bulls-eye! It was actually kind of fun…. and yeah- you don’t have to be in fantastic shape to do the sport- totally out of the ballpark of Olympic athleticism for SURE!!!
    Chris Carter recently posted…It’s Time To Shop at JenJenHouse!My Profile

    1. HaHa, Allie – I spent years trying to convince all the golfers I know that golf is a hobby not a sport! When I play (I use that term loosely because I suck!) with Chris I try to “sport” it up by hitting the ball and running to it before I hit it again! I’m sure that I’m not a course favorite!!!
      Kim recently posted…Is Curling Really a Sport?My Profile

    1. Coco, yep, some do feel it is a sport – and I see the points about teamwork and focusing but I still don’t know that I think it is Olympic medal worthy!
      I can get my heart rate up lugging my vacuum up the stairs but….:)
      Kim recently posted…Is Curling Really a Sport?My Profile

  10. sweeping is actually more cardio than you would think. Much of the shot (throwing the stone requires balance and strong legs. It is not so easy to bring the sliding leg (the bent one) in front and balance on that while you transfer the energy to the stone without leaning on the stone. Then there is knowing how to control the stone…and read the ice.
    Finally, I don’t think any sport I have been involved in has as much comradery and sportsmanship. The 2 vices determine the score. Everyone introduces themselves. There is plenty of communication and team work.

    Here is a question–athleticism vs. sport. I agree figure skaters are probably more athletic than curlers; but, do they participate in “sport”? It takes a subjective judge to determine who gets gold. So, what is figure skaters/ice dancers/gymnasts?

  11. Bwahahaha…i LOVE it!! i’ve had the same, same, SAME conversation about curling and my stance is, “c’mon, do you break a sweat?” i’m prolly gonna open myself up to some hate here, but so be it. my ‘criteria’ between sport and non-sport is this, “can you be obese and do it?”
    *PSA/pre-emptive covering my butt, i’m not hating the obese, i’m merely stating that if one doesn’t have to be in shape or at least working their way into a fitter self, it’s not a sport. :P
    Cait the Arty Runnerchick recently posted…Just Think What COULD Be on Your FeetMy Profile

    1. Cait, it’s OK if you open yourself up to some hate – I think I did the same but even with some of the points that people have made (teamwork, concentration…) I still don’t know that it is worthy of Olympic status!!!
      Kim recently posted…What Would You Do?My Profile

  12. oh, those pants! I find it unwatchable. Sometimes where we have a condo in Vermont, they have curling lessons at the ice rink. I will have to take a lesson to try it for myself. But you start to get onto a good subject about what is fitness? I always think about this when the person who weighs significantly more than me finishes (way) before me in a race. OR the person who hasn’t trained as much as I have and they finish before me. OR the 200+ people who finish a triathlon of any distance when I can’t wrap my head around swimming, biking and running. It just begs the question “what is fit?”
    Tara Newman recently posted…15 of My Favorite FatsMy Profile

    1. Tara, I think that I would take a lesson if I had the chance – maybe then I would appreciate it more!!
      Good question – what is fit? I prefer being fit to skinny (good thing!) but how do you actually define it???
      Kim recently posted…What Would You Do?My Profile

  13. Sport vs. game…that can stir up some strong emotions! I seriously put my foot in my mouth about bowling in that regard once…LOL I agree curling certainly does not require the athleticism of other sports! I like to play it on the Wii w/ the kids. It’s more fun when you have Bowser and Luigi on your team.
    jan recently posted…Cold Run RepercussionsMy Profile

    1. Jan, I agree – sports and games are often very different. Funny that you brought up bowling because I think curling is the equivalent of having bowling in the Olympics.
      Bowser and Luigi make lots of things more fun!!
      Kim recently posted…What Would You Do?My Profile

  14. The only thing athletic about curling that I could figure out was the lunge from the person throwing. And that’s just flexibility. I am so glad you posted this question because I was trying to figure it out while watching it the other morning!

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