Lessons Learned on my Run Around the Lake

Today for my 43 I did a power move!  Super fun (and hard)!  This past week, Cranky Fitness and Fitknitchick both had posts about the benefits of power moves.  I love power moves but probably don’t do them as often as I should.

So, today I used my 14″ step to do box jumps.  I jumped up onto the step and then

14" double step (the Transfirmer)
14″ double step (the Transfirmer)

stepped off.  I did all 43 quickly so I could get my heart rate up (soaring!!).

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhgwmIgWnSU’]

I’m really trying to be smart as I start running again.  I decided that as much as I love my treadmill and running on it, I have a tendency to run too hard on it.Treadmill

I think the reason I never get bored on it is because I constantly play little games with the time and speed.  When I try and just set an easy pace to run – I get BORED.  The other day I decided that much as I hate running outside in the cold, I would try it.

Good news?  I got to go shopping for some winter running gear!!!Screen shot 2013-01-18 at 7.32.28 AM

Had a very successful trip!  Plus, I got an armband for my iPhone 5 so I could have some music!!!  All set!  This morning after my 43 and downing about 32oz of water I headed out.  A quick stretch:

stretching my calves/achillesAgain with the pissed-off look (blame it on the sun in my eyes!)
stretching my calves/achilles
Again with the pissed-off look (blame it on the sun in my eyes!)
here I go...
here I go…

And I’m off.  The route I like around the lake (which I haven’t run since summer – thanks hip!) is just over 5.5 miles.  I started my watch because I’m anal and even when I’m not planning to run hard I have to know my time!  Here are a few of the things I learned today:

  1. HILLS SUCK!!!  (my 1.5 incline is not the same as the hills around the lake!)
  2. My breathing is off (and loud!)
  3. It is hard to sing while running – plus I probably looked and sounded like a complete dork (Oh, well – normal!)
  4. The sand on the streets (from the last snow) is slippery!!!
  5. The sand when going downhill is dangerous!!!  (thankfully no falls – would have been very unhappy to get a rip in my new gear!!!)
  6. I walked 2x for a total of 7 minutes and I’m going to be fine with that today!
  7. I’m an idiot and was running sub-8 minute pace (explains the breathing and walking bit) – I’m supposed to be taking it easy!!!
  8. If I hadn’t stopped and walked when I did the first time, I would have missed this:

    This isn’t actually a picture I took (far too much trouble to get my phone out of the band) but a lady backing out of her driveway stopped and pointed out a bald eagle sitting on the lake!  It was so very awesome!  I wish it would have flown so I could see the wing-span but neat to see it sitting, too!

  9. My little gloves are perfect for the constant running of my nose caused by the cold.
  10. The sweat from running makes you really cold when you finish the run and walk an easy cool-down.
  11. I’m going to continue to run outside (even in the winter) but unlike some of the true die-hard winter runners it has to be at least 32 for me!  (I’m a wimp and totally OK with that!!!)
  12. Over-all I enjoyed my run around the lake this morning (even though I still love my treadmill!!!).

Happy Saturday!!!



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