Let’s Hope that Tuesday Is Better than Monday!!!

Today for my 44 I did a move using my agility ladder – squat-hop-squat.  This move is fun because squats are always “fun” but also because of the cardio benefit and the agility work from the ladder.

I counted a rep as a squat-hop-squat each way (so you end where you start).

Then I did the Insanity the Asylum vol.2 workout that I think is the hardest (at least so far) – Upper Elite.  The number of reps in this workout are killer – plus all of the push-ups!!!  Once again, I had to drop to my knees for some of the push-ups – sort of frustrating but I figure it is better to use good form and full range of motion than to stay on my toes. Plus, all the girls on the DVD end up on their knees so I don’t feel as lame!!!

Screen shot 2013-12-09 at 9.16.38 PMYesterday wasn’t a great day!  By 10 (AM) I was pretty much over the entire day and the next hour only got worse.

So, I did what pretty much anyone would do in that type of situation.  I hopped on my treadmill and pounded out a fast 5 miles!!!

If I can't be on the beach then I'm pretty happy here!!
If I can’t be on the beach then I’m pretty happy here!!

That helped some but mostly I was glad when the day ended especially because about an hour before I went to bed my tooth (maybe it’s multiple teeth – can’t tell) started hurting a LOT again!!!  Even with some pain meds, the aching kept me awake past 1:00am – not cool since my alarm goes off at 5:00!!! 

Screen shot 2013-12-09 at 9.15.15 PMI guess I’m finally going to have to break down and call my dentist – I really thought that my ignoring tactic was going to work out.

Here’s to a better day all around!

Happy Tuesday!!!  I hope that no matter what your Monday was like you have an incredible day!


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