Living in Fear Isn’t the Answer

As great as life is most of the time, there are some things that I don’t understand why they have to happen!!!

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We have friends who are going through a really rough time right now and it seems like there are no answers for them!

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This weekend I read about a terrible bike tragedy – one of those things that seems so senseless and makes everyone wonder why it had to happen.

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Jordan and I were talking about some of this type of stuff yesterday and I told him that as awful as it is, we can’t let fear control our lives.  I know there are people who let fear  dominate their lives and I never want my boys to live with that kind of fear.

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We can’t control every aspect of our lives but we can choose to face life head-on and embrace all of it – good and bad.

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Sometimes it is hard to understand the why and some days the fear threatens to take over.  There are days that we have to allow others to help us stay strong and there are times that we have to be strong for those around us.

Fear is powerful but so are we!!!

Do you search for they “why?”
Do you ever live your life in fear?

Happy Monday!


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