My Wife & Her Birthday (A Husband’s Reflection)

Ha Ha – I like Hi-jacking Kim’s blog – especially to wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Although out of country on her special day – (I hear booing in the background), I am bringing her a present back.

Might last a bit.
Might last a bit.

Yum!  Boxes of wine from a vineyard in Germany – I have visited this same place for nearly 15 years and Kim sort of LOVES this stuff!

Anyone that reads this blog regularly understands that Kim likes to make Birthdays special.  She possesses a passion and desire to ensure that every single Birthday for us three boys – leaves us happy and feeling loved.  She intuitively plans a special breakfast and dinner of choice while somehow remembering to get us something we mentioned months ago.  (How she does this remains a mystery).  She likes to decorate with ribbons on the ceiling and getting/making our favorite dessert.  But that is Kim – her selfless heart-warming actions always makes our day the best!

Our Birthdays!
Our Birthdays!

Recently – she did a post for my Birthday – so I thought it would be fitting to commandeer her blog to list some appropriate adjectives to describe my beautiful wife!


K – Knowledgeable – holy smokes, over 4.0 graduating high school? Chemistry/Biology undergrad, Sport Medicine masters work, tutors high school kids in Calculus, Chemistry.  Wow – she has a BRAIN!  Kind of funny when I ask the boys to help them with their math & they roll their eyes & tell me they want GOOD help – so they go to MOM…


I – Independent.  This girl rocks at doing things her way and not worrying about what others may think.  She also can do just about anything on her own – which impresses me considerably!


M – Motivational.  Awe-inspiring type motivation really – OK – so she has run her birthday age in miles for years, she works out & does something every day (with her age of course).  Good grief – she wears this fitbit (now garmin) and logs something like 50,000 steps every day.  She might be a bit competitive as well – but all that translates into such a positive role model for both the boys and me.  I truly admire what she does and can’t help but brag about it.

This would be so easy for her.....
This would be so easy for her…..

I – Interesting.  Is it me – or does anyone else wonder “what’s she going to do today?”  This sweet woman likes to do things differently which keeps us boys on our toes.  As a creature of habit (aren’t most men?) – I don’t get the changing of shampoo, soap, scents, etc…  But, what is truly remarkable is her ability to dig into those 30,000 cookbooks she has in the house to find a different recipe.  She is unafraid to try new things!  Impressive (oh, another “I” – credit for two on this one)….

Funny thing - although just a snapshot from internet - she probably has these on a shelf...
Funny thing – although just a snapshot from internet – she probably has these on a shelf…

S – Sexy (I can hear the boys screaming gross and argh…)

Total Hottie!
Total Hottie!

T – Truthful.  Kim corners the market on being truthful in life.  Her ability to just be herself at all times gives her a leg up on most of us. When you meet Kim – you meet Kim, not someone fake – she is really real (totally wanted to say that, thankfully found the opportunity).

For Realsies!
For Realsies!

H – Humorous.  I get a kick out of life with Kim.  Somehow – she finds humor in just about everything and we spend time laughing.  Of course, the boys and her might be picking on the easy target (me) – but hearing Kim laugh makes my day!


E – Efficient.  Ummm, I wouldn’t say Kim is OCD, but she labels canisters in our pantry.  Honestly, she exudes efficiency in her daily life – she takes normal tasks that a guy might do (throw boxes of junk in cabinet) and sorts, filters, names, etc… which improves the function in the house and keeps everything running smooth.  She is so good at being efficient, we don’t have time to be in-efficient anymore!

Not our kitchen, but those are our exact canisters - and type of labels also!
Not our kitchen, but those are our exact canisters – and type of labels also!

B – Brave.  Kim contains this internal strength that rarely anyone can match.  She is unafraid of a challenge and finds the willpower to accomplish.

That's Braveheart for those that haven't seen the movie (this is a family... er... us boys favorite movies)
That’s Braveheart for those that haven’t seen the movie (this is a family… er… us boys favorite movies)

E – Energetic.  Did I mention she tracks how many miles, steps, movements, etc. that she does every day?  Lucky (?) for us boys, she keeps us active and moving.  We take down time when needed, but she cracks me up when walking through the room and we might be sitting down for a bit watching some repeat movie on TV.  Her term of endearment for us might be “SLUGS.”

Not around this house!
Not around this house!

S – Selfless.  Kim has such a big heart!  When presented with situations she gladly helps others in need.  On more than one occasion, Kim stepped way out of her lane to help friends struggling.


T – Tender.  This might be surprising to those that just see her Iron Will and competitive nature.  But Kim has this tender, nurturing, vulnerable side that she expresses which provides the foundation for our family!


Please wish KIM a very Happy Birthday because:


I love you KIM!


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