One Size Does NOT Fit All!!

Do you ever have days that everything you read and hear seems to be trying to fit everyone into a mold?

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Food:  Definitely not “one size fits all” since everyone has different dietary needs and requirements.  Just because being Paleo works for some and others have to avoid gluten and some choose to be vegan doesn’t mean that everyone should eat the same!!!

I like my carbs and meat and cheese and wine!!

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Exercise:  We all know our own bodies and what works and doesn’t work for us.  Some of us LOVE running and can’t imagine a life without it but there are many people who despise running and that is perfectly OK!!

And, we all like to spend different amounts of time on our workouts which is fine – there isn’t a set amount of time that is the best!!!

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Parenting/Marriage/Life in General:  Lately these areas are some that I’ve seen a lot of rules and guidelines for and it sort of bugs me.  What works for some families doesn’t necessarily  work for our family and I know that some of the things we do would never work for lots of people.

There are so many sources that try to make us all fit into neat little boxes and it is NEVER going to happen!!!

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I think it is easy to get caught up in trying to do the “right things” or the things that others seem to think we should but we really just need to find and do what works for us and not worry about the rest!!!

Do ever feel like others (society in general) are trying to mold you and put you in a box?
How do you feel about “One size fits all”?

Happy Wednesday!!


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