Tunnel Trauma

Yesterday is probably the closest I have ever come to having a panic attack.  I went in for the MRI on my hip and I really thought it would be no big deal.  I assumed that I would only  go into the tunnel to about mid-torso.  I was wrong!!!!  First, they had something strapped over my hips and my feet were banded together to hold my leg still. I was covered in a blanket and had huge head-phones on all while laying on a narrow slab.  When they lab tech slid me down she kept going until I was completely in the tunnel – head and all.  I almost freaked out!!!  I started sweating and pretty much hyper-ventilating – complete panic mode set in.  I closed my eyes and spent the first 5 minutes of the MRI trying to force myself to calm down and breathe slowly.  In my head I knew that there was plenty of air  and no reason to panic but my body disagreed.  Oh well- I survived but it was a long 20ish minutes.  Hopefully I won’t be repeating that experience any time soon!!  :Tired:

On to the 43 for the day.  I wanted a little cardio and nothing that involved arms because I knew what was coming up in my weights today.  I started off by putting some masking tape on the floor like this:I used the tape as a guide for around-the-world jumps.  I started in one corner, jumped front, side, back then reversed the jumps.  Each rep consisted of 8 jumps  (around-the-world and back).  I did all of mine as double-leg hops but this could easily be changed to single-leg hops or more of a skip-type move.  It was a quick 43 but got my heart rate up and I really felt it in my calves.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2laUpFW3D4′]

I know my head is chopped off in the demo – Jordan said I didn’t need a head – he thought the lines were far more important!!

The rest of my work-out was tough!  Chalean Extreme – Burn Circuit 2.  This one targets biceps, triceps and upper back – always leaves me shaky but in a good way!

Have a super Saturday!  Hopefully you won’t be slid down into a tunnel!


Push-Ups and a Modification

So…I had to modify part of my 43 today and that is OK! :Approve:

The 43 was a push-up with one hand on a medicine ball.  After performing one push-up walk hands over so that the opposite hand is on the medicine ball for the next push-up. After the first 30, I had to drop down to my knees in order to still get full range of motion on the push-ups.  I still did 43 and I think modifying in order to keep the integrity of the move was better than just going through the motions!

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bne0uvaKoqU’]

As an FYI – I don’t count the reps during the demo as part of my 43 because I like to perform all the reps continuously.  Days like today I wish I counted those reps!!!

Usually I let my rest days be on the weekend but today is a good day to be off! :Happy:

I’m headed to get an MRI on my hip that has bugged me for 2 months now – hopefully it is something easily fixed!  Then I plan to spend the rest of the day with the boys since they are out of school.  (Hard to believe that they have already finished the first quarter of this year!!!)

Have a great fun Friday!


Working off the Clock

Lunges, lunges and more lunges!!!  Today’s 43 was all about the lunge! To make it more fun, I decided to work off the clock.  Start with a forward lunge with your right leg (to 12 o’clock).  With the same leg, lunge to the side (3 o’clock).  Lunge back with your right leg (6 o’clock).

There are lots of ways to make this even more challenging.  I chose to do 43  sets with the right leg and then 43 with the left leg.  You could alternate legs to make it a little easier. Also, once I started with my right leg I kept it going and did not tap my foot in between lunges or clock sets.  If you wanted to add in a  toe tap it would give you a little bit of a break. The most important thing is to watch that your knees don’t go over your toes.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6l44qH4NIeY’]

129 consecutive lunges on each leg and my quads were BURNING!!!  :Happy:

After a couple of fast 10 minute walks with a friend I decided to hop on my treadmill again. I ran 5 miles in 30:50 then did 3.25 more miles at a much easier pace.

Have a great day!


Wobbling Trees

I figured since it is fall and the trees are blowing all over I would use that for my inspiration for today’s 43.  I decided to take the tree pose and amp it up by using this cute little wobble ball: (this one is part of the Firm fitness collection)

I did 43 tree poses, holding each for 30 seconds.  Because I was standing on the wobble ball, I had to tap my toe a couple of times.  I realized that my right leg has much better balance than my left!  I just alternated legs so it was a total of 43 and not 43 per leg.  I only paused long enough between each pose to switch legs and get my balance.  This worked every muscle in my lower body as well as my core and concentration!!!

After I finished 43 on the wobble ball, I did a tree pose with my right foot on the floor and held for 43 seconds and then repeated with my left foot on the floor.  Much easier without the wobble!!!

I started my second week of Chalean Extreme by repeating Burn Circuit 1.  I will spend 4 weeks doing the Burn Circuit before I move on.

I’m fixing to walk on my treadmill for awhile – not because I’m obsessed with working out but because I’m behind on Dancing with the Stars and I figure if I’m going to watch some mindless TV I might as well be moving, too!!

Enjoy your Wednesday!!!


Treadmill Happiness

I love my treadmill!!! :Happy-Grin:

I actually did two 43s today!  First I did a straight-leg sit-up holding an 8 pound medicine ball on my chest.  Then….I moved on to the FUN 43!  Treadmill intervals!!!

I warmed up for 0.5 mile at 8 minute pace.  For the 43 I did 0.1 mile intervals at 6 minute pace.  I ran 0.1 hard then back down to the 8 minute pace for 0.1 until I had done 43 at the fast pace (6 minutes/mile).  I ended up running for 9 miles in exactly 1 hour (plus a short cool-down).

Running is my favorite – I hope I can increase my running again soon!

It’s another subbing kind of day – 4th grade – WooHoo!


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