Holiday Fun

I love holidays like today – Chris gets to be off so we can hang out!!!  He didn’t do my 43 with me but I guess that’s OK!

Today for the 43 I wanted to get my heart rate up since the rest of my work-out was weights.  I did 43 jumping lunges.  Not only did I get my heart rate up but my quads were BURNING!!!  Start in a standard lunge (watch your knees).  Push straight up and land in a lunge with the other leg.  Repeat to 43.

After lunges, I did Chalean Extreme Burn Circuit 3 – this one really works your shoulders and it also let me get in more lunges – score!!!

Chris and are off to play golf.  Always an experience because I’m really not a good golfer but it is a great way to hang out together!  I just try to make contact (most of the time).:Happy:

Enjoy your holiday Monday!


Breast Cancer Walk Today!!!

I’ll post the 43 in a minute but first I wanted to say how excited I am for the Breast Cancer Walk later today.  Our team, Boobz and Doodz, has raised some money to help support Breast Cancer research and now we are looking forward to walking the 5K together for a great cause!!!  WooHoo!!!!

OK – the 43 saw the return of my BOSU ball.  This thing has so many uses!


Today, I used it for some cardio.  Start standing behind the BOSU. Step up with right foot then left foot. Step right foot off the right side, then left foot off left side.  Step back up with right then left foot and jump up with both feet landing in the center of the BOSU. Step off the back with first right foot then left foot.  Repeat to your goal – 43 for me!

[youtuber youtube=’′]

It is a little harder then it looks just because you have the balance issue which is super great for working your core!

Enjoy your Sunday!  I know I will with the Boobz and Doodz team!


Burpees with the Boys

Saturday!!!  Only a 43 today – rest day otherwise!

Today the boys did the demo for me.  Hunter is planning to do his age (11) at some point but decided breakfast needed to take priority!

Burpees (sometimes called squat thrusts) are always hard for me.  I think it is the combination of moves done in a quick manner – I don’t know but it is something I always have to force myself to do.  Start standing then quickly put hands on floor near feet. Jump feet back to plank position. Right away, jump feet back to hands. Stand and jump into the air then repeat.

[youtuber youtube=’’]

There are many ways to really increase the intensity of the burpee.  One very common way is to add a push-up every time you are in the plank position.  For my 43 I decided to just go with the version without a push-up. (lots of push-ups already this week)

Enjoy your weekend!!


Complete Muscle Failure

I’m having a hard time typing this because my arms are so shaky from my work-out – not gonna lie – I love it!!!  The 43 really shouldn’t have been hard but I’m trying to  push myself by increasing the amount of weight I lift so it was tough.

I just did 43 basic up-right rows.  Sounds simple, huh?  Start by standing with a dumbbell in each  hand palms facing body.  Pull weights up to chest height then push them down (like zipping up and unzipping a jacket).  I started with 15 pounds in each hand and after 30 reps I had to drop down to 12 pounds to finish the 43.  I figured it was much better to finish with a lighter weight than to let my form suffer!!

[youtuber youtube=’’]

Hunter offered to do a demo today.  I know his right arm isn’t completely in line with his left but it is because he just got his cast off (broken wrist) a week and a half ago and is still trying to strengthen his arm.  I love how serious he looks!!!

I was already shaky after the 43 but went ahead and did the rest of my work-out: Chalean Extreme Burn Circuit 2.  If you have never done Chalean Extreme, I highly recommend it!!!  She focuses on lower reps and higher weights.  I went through this program a couple of years ago and it is  the first time  I really tried to do more than 8-10 pound weights.  Now I regularly use 20-30 pounds!!! (therefore, the shakiness while typing)

I’m off to enjoy Fun Friday!!!



I thought my 43 today was a challenge – then…I did the rest of my work-out – I’m not sure which one was harder today!

For the 43, I did a tuck roll with a stability ball.  Start with tops of feet/shins on stability ball in plank position.  Roll the ball forward, tucking your knees up to your chin. Extend legs back to start.

[youtuber youtube=’′]

After that, the real fun started :Happy-Grin:

Instead of running, lifting or doing a DVD today I just decided to do 100 of each of the following.  After my warm-up, I started and did not stop until I was done with the final activity – 30 minutes total (not counting warm-up and cool-down).

  1. Jog in place
  2. Jumping jacks
  3. Right punches to corners – bounce and turn from left to right corner as you punch
  4. Left punches to corners
  5. Alt. front kicks – with bounce and opposite hand touching toe
  6. Alt. back kicks – look back over shoulder each time
  7. Crunches on stability ball
  8. Alt. quadricep extensions while sitting on stability ball – hands behind head – feet flexed
  9. 3-step with knee lift – step to right then to left
  10. Stiff leg dead lift
  11. Alt. front knee lifts – with bounce and opposite elbow touching knee
  12. Alt. side bends
  13. Butt kicks
  14. Step out to squat – step right and squat then step left and squat
  15. Right knee repeater
  16. Left knee repeater
  17. Jog in place
  18. March in place

Fun to turn on some music and bust this out but it was no joke!

On with the day!


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