Pick Your Spot Pilates

This was the first pilates work-out that I actually enjoyed.  I have had this DVD for about 8 years and it is always a good choice when I need a recovery day or when I’m injured and can’t do any of the hard core work-outs that I prefer.

Ellen Barrett is the instructor.  She makes it very easy to understand the moves and preform them correctly.  It is set up like a real class and one of the other people demonstrate modifications for most of the moves.  She also continually reminds you to inhale and exhale since that is such a big part of pilates.

The DVD is broken down into 4 – 10 minute sections.  You can do any or all.

Belly:  10 minutes of core work.  This section does a good job of hitting all of your abdominal muscles in a short time.  None of the moves are super difficult but it is still a nice ab work-out.

Butt:  10 minutes of glute work.  Again, a nice range of exercises that will give you a short, quick work-out!

Thighs:  10 minutes.  The exercise in this section are great for both the inner and outer thigh areas.  The variety of the exercises are good.

Bonus:  10 minutes total body.  This section is really great when you are time-crunched and just want a little toning.  There are ab moves, butt exercises, and thigh toners all mixed in.

Overall I really enjoy this DVD.  It is far more geared to toning than stretching and I like that! This is not a work-out that will get your heart rate up or cause you to sweat so if you are like me that sometimes makes it hard to consider it a true “work-out” but it is a nice change of pace!


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