Plyo and Hunter the Runner (4/20 – 4/26)

This week, the 44s were all about plyometrics!!! I decided to really push my legs hard for the week since today is exactly 2 weeks until my race (50 miles!).

Sunday 4/20 – 44 hopscotch jumps onto step.  Start by straddling step – hop up with the right leg – hop back down to straddle – hop up with the left leg – hop back down to straddle for 1 rep.

Hunter had an 80 minute run scheduled so it was a run day.  His legs were hurting a lot so we ended up running 4 miles and walking 2.4 to finish up our 80 minutes.

Monday 4/21 44 plie jumps with heels touching at top of jump.

And, since it was marathon Monday, I ran!!  12 miles in 92:30 + 2.1 easy miles.

Tuesday 4/22 – 44 single leg dead-lift to a knee up with a hop while keeping arms in a goal post position.

I liked this move because even though it was plyo, it also included balance and control! And, of course, I had to do 44 on each side.

I did TaeBo Insane Abs – a fun cardio based core workout!!!  Because I wanted to really tire my legs out, I also did Turbo Fire Fire 30.

Wednesday 4/23 – 44 lateral jumps over a foam roller – a right jump and left jump = 1 rep.

I started with my longest foam roller but after about busting my ankle decided to use a shorter one!!!

And, I started a run streak!!!  8 miles in 62:43 + 1.75 easy miles.

Thursday 4/24 – 44 low squat jump outs – right + left = 1 rep.

This was a fun move!!!

Another day of running – 9 miles in 64:31 + 1.5 easy miles.

Friday 4/25 – 44 donkey kicks with hands on the wobble balls.

In the video, I did slow kicks but during my 44 I mixed it up and did some slow and some fast.

Running – 7 miles in 53:48 + 2.25 easy miles.

Saturday 4/26 – 44 double butt kicks.  

Not gonna lie – I’m happy that the week of plyo is done!!!

Today’s run was fun!!!  We moved Hunter’s long run back a day because I’m fixing to head to Texas for a few days (my sister just had a baby!!) and I didn’t want to miss it.  

Hunter crushed this run – 85 minutes and he did 9 miles.  We actually did a run 5 minute/walk 1 minute plan and he still averaged 9:22 miles!!!  This was his furthest run by over 2.5 miles – I’m so proud of him and happy that I get to experience these first running moments with him!!!

Total miles for the week:  
49 miles
10.05 easy miles

Do you like plyometric moves?

Happy Saturday!!!


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