Prescription Compression Stockings are AWFUL!!!

I wanted to do a completely different 43 than the one I actually did – mostly because I want to be able to truly workout again – but today isn’t the day!!

For my 43 I combined a little ab work with some chest work – I did a hip lift with a press.  Start by lying on your back with your legs straight up at 90 degrees, elbows bent at 90 holding dumbbells (10 pounds for me).  Press your arms up while lifting your hips straight up, return to start and repeat.

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I really thought that I would be able to at least do the dreaded  elliptical for a little bit today but there is no way that is happening!

Yesterday I put on my lovely prescription compression stockings for the first time.Compression Stockings

The ones I have are from Medi.  Compression Stockings

See that stocking?  It is supposed to go all the way to the top of your thigh!!  Yesterday it took me 15 minutes of sheer pain and torture to get both of the lovely gems on.Kim - compression stockings

Don’t you love my fashion statement?  Stockings, Nike running shorts and Brooks running shoes – the best part is that you could sort-of see the top part of the stockings – CLASSY!!!

I followed the orders and wore these all day and night (except for a brief period when I had to take the right one off for an ultrasound to check for a blood clot in my calf).

Notice that I didn’t say I slept in them!!  I wore them all night but there was ZERO sleep involved!!!  These things hurt every part of my leg (including my now bruised toes!!).  I already have a great deal of bruising and swelling from the surgery but now I have new bruises from the stockings!!!  I didn’t unwrap to show it but my entire ankle bone is awful!!BruiseThese stockings are 30-40 mmHg of pressure.  To put that into perspective, most compression socks (or sleeves) that so many of y’all run in or wear after long runs are 20-25 mmHG at the ankle and about 18 mmHg on the calf.

Basically, wearing these was the equivalent of stuffing my size 6-8 body into a size 0!!  MISERABLE!!!  PAINFUL!!  Not sure I can bring myself to put them on again (and I’m supposed to wear them all the time for the next 2-4 weeks!!).

In addition to the awful, pain-inducing stockings – my right calf is very swollen and I can hardly put any weight on it. I called the DR yesterday and she wanted me to go to the hospital for an ultrasound.   The ultrasound tech was super nice and said it was fine – I hope so since she spent the entire time telling me all about her divorce, her kids, her boyfriend and his ex and their kids.

On the plus side – I met a super nice prisoner and his guard while I was hanging out at the hospital.  Sad that he was all cuffed up since he seemed so nice!

Enough of my whining!!!  Here’s a cute picture of Hunter!!  HunterThe 6th grade orchestra has a field trip today to play at a retirement home here in town (and then lunch at the mall!) so he is all dressed up!!!  Isn’t he handsome?!

Happy Wednesday  – I’m supposed to sub a couple of hours of PE this afternoon (even though I can barely hobble around!!)  – Good Times!!


PS – Have you ever had to wear the prescription compression hose or stockings?  

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