Resistance Bands or Weights?

Today for my 44 I did a slight variation on the standard burpee – sumo burpees.  The main difference is your feet are in sumo position (out wide) at the beginning of the move and when you jump back up.

I was sucking air big-time at the end of this 44!!!

I pulled out an oldie today – TaeBo – Total Body Fat Blaster.  This workout uses the TaeBo bands – TaeBo BandsIt is about an hour of very fast-paced moving – lots of cardio plus some serious resistance training with the bands.  My shoulders were screaming about half-way through this workout!!!

Screen shot 2013-11-18 at 6.40.16 AMWhile I was struggling with some of the moves this morning I started thinking about the differences between working out with bands and weights.  

Bands:  lightweight, portable, great for travel, constant tension

Weights:  heavy, not portable, gravity will take over if you aren’t careful

Don’t get me wrong – I love lifting weights!!!  But in workouts like the TaeBo one that I did today where it is non-stop and fast paced, the bands are a great way to really push your muscles to the point of fatigue (especially your shoulders!!!).

I have no plans to get rid of any of our weights but if you are just starting to build a home-gym and want a way to do some resistance training bands are a great investment.  Plus, they don’t take up any space!!!

So – what are your thoughts – bands or weights?  Both? Neither?

Happy Monday!!



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