Short but Intense Workouts (HIIT)

Since Chris is at drill this weekend and the boys decided to both sleep in (which left me with no one to film me), I did my 43 after the rest of my workout – big mistake!!!  (or maybe I should have picked an easier 43….)

I pulled out my BOSU (yippee) and used it like this today.

upside down for a twist
upside down for a twist

I did a push-up then plank walked 1/4 around the BOSU for the next push-up and continued until I had complete 43 push-ups.  The hard part was trying to keep my body stretched out in plank and not hike my butt in the air.

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The demo today is actually my final four (#s 40, 41, 42 & 43) – good thing because you can tell that my form is going downhill fast!!

My workout today (completed before the 43) was Les Mills Combat Power HIIT.  This is probably the Combat workout that is the hardest for me!  It is only 30 minutes so you would think it’s no big deal – but you would be wrong!!  The first section consists of power moves that integrate lower body and upper body (mainly shoulders) using dumbbells (I’ve been using 15 pound DBs for this).  Then there is a fast pace  plyo section with jumping sumo squats and jumping lunges included.  The final standing section is burpees with squat jumps or tuck jumps (I mix it up).  Then a plank section which is killer!  The best part?  The cool down/stretch!

Every time I finish the Power HIIT work-out I feel like I have really accomplished something.  At the very least, I know that I have pushed myself as hard as I can!!!

HIIT – high intensity interval training

I love HIIT workouts especially on days where I’m limited with time.  I used to think that if I didn’t work out at least an hour it wasn’t really a workout.  Since I’ve discovered the love of HIIT, I’ve completely changed my mind.  30 minutes is probably about the max for HIIT if you give 100%.  (at least for me!)

Gotta get moving with the day!!  Sun is shining and it is supposed to be above freezing today – WooHoo!!!

Happy Saturday!  Try some HIIT if you are short on time today!


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