Skinny or Strong?

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Do you think it’s a compliment if someone calls you skinny or does it offend you?

There are times that Chris tells me I look skinny and I always disagree for 2 reasons – 1.  I’m not skinny!!  2.  I would rather be told that I look strong or fit!!

Many years ago (almost 30 – not sure how that happened!!) when I was in high school I was all about being skinny!!  I was proud of the fact that I only weighed about 110 pounds (I was the same height I am now).

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My junior year I actually thought it would be cool to be under 100 pounds when I graduated from high school.  I think I realized quickly that was sort of a ridiculous idea!!!

My first semester in college I was running cross country at the collegiate level (on a scholarship) and I still gained 20 pounds.  I would love to say that it was because I was stronger but sadly it was because I loved Dr Pepper and pizza!!

There was a point after college and grad school when I got down to my high school weight but it wasn’t because I was super fit or healthy.  I just spent a summer working outside (I hoed weeds!!!)  in west TX and it was so hot that I barely ate.

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Thankfully, as I’ve gotten older I have realized that the goal is not being skinny.  No number (weight or size) will ever make me happy!

Being strong is my goal.  I love the fact that my legs are powerful and able to run lots of miles!!!

strong will always trump skinny in my book
strong will always trump skinny in my book

I don’t want to be skinny.  Being skinny is not the reason I get up at 5:00am and workout every day.  My goal is to be strong, fit and healthy and I feel like I am meeting that goal every day!!!

What about you – do you want to be skinny or strong?

Happy Monday!!


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