Some Thoughts Are Better Left Unsaid

Today’s 44 was not one of my better ideas!!!  In fact, it would have been an idea better left in my head.  However, I might be am a little stubborn and once I decided to do the move I just went with it!!!

What was the stupid move?  I used my treadmill – 

the arm rails are the part I used
the arm rails are the part I used

I sat sideways under the handles and did a pull-up move.  Here is a self picture (which is why I’m only holding on with one hand!!!) since today is a day off school (Parent/Teacher Conferences) and the boys are STILL sleeping!!!


From that position (except with both hands on the rail) – I pulled myself up until my chin was above the bar – 44 times!!!  See – not a good idea!!!  

The main reason it was a bad idea is because now my lower back is killing me – which is why the only picture is the above one.  I’m not going to do any more when the boys get up to make a video!!!

I did get in a run after the stupid 44 though – 5 miles at a fast pace and then 2.5 easy (all at 1.5% incline).  I’m sure that the hard run did nothing to help my back – oops!!

Screen shot 2013-10-24 at 8.38.03 AMSo my decision to act on a poor choice made me think about something we say in our family a lot –  “That should probably be kept right here (point to head).”

We usually just say this to be funny but there really are times that it is true!!!  Not everything that pops into your head should be said out-loud for numerous reasons.

  • Somethings are just flat out rude.
  • Somethings really don’t make sense and need to be thought through a little more.
  • Somethings might be inappropriate.
  • Sometimes silence is the best option.

Jordan is really good about pointing out when Chris or I make a comment that would have been better left unsaid – always makes me laugh but also realize that I really do need to keep some thoughts (and clearly some ideas!!!) in my head!

Do you have thoughts/ideas that are better kept inside your head?  (I hope I’m not the only one!!!)

Happy Thursday!!


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