Somedays are just made for Relaxing!!!

Today I convinced Jordan to do the demo for my 43 – it has been awhile since he has made an appearance on here!  (Maybe cause he’s 14 and too cool for this?!)

Anyway, the move was a push-up with one hand on my favorite piece of equipment!


Do a push-up then walk your hands over so that you switch hands on top and repeat.

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Jordan kept his feet in place but I think I moved mine a bit – either way is fine!!  I counted each push-up as 1 because I don’t think I could have done 43 on each side for a total of 86!!!  Maybe I should have tried since I’m still trying to build up to doing 1-armed push-ups!!!

Here is a picture of me on #36!

#36 - Hurry!! I'm dying here!!
#36 – Hurry!! I’m dying here!!

(You can see that I did walk my feet to make my body more of straight line.)

The rest of my work-out today – NOTHING!!!  I’m trying to take a day off most weeks (whether I want to or not!!!).

Maybe I will just spend the whole day relaxing – except for doing the laundry, cleaning some,  a quick trip to the grocery store after I plan out some meals for the week, making dinner…

Well, at least I’ve already done my wall sits for the day – 10x 1 minute each!

I pass the minutes with my phone!!! (plus I use the timer on my phone)
I pass the minutes with my phone!!!
(plus I use the timer on my phone)

Nice bed head!!!  Glad I can pass the time with my phone – sometimes a minute is really LONG!!!

Happy Sunday – hopefully everyone can relax for at least part of the day!!!Screen shot 2013-02-10 at 9.41.48 AMKim

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