Sometimes Technology Is Scary!

Today I did a move from Insanity Asylum for my 43.  I used my super cool agility ladder

I like it more now that I'm not doing Insanity!!
I like it more now that I’m not doing Insanity!!

and did a moving plank with alternate shoulder taps.  Down the length of the ladder and back = 1 rep.  Before today, I had never done more than 6 in a row of these so 43 was brutal!!!

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Besides the fact that I was in plank forever, I’m pretty sure I will have bruises on my shoulders from slapping them so many times!!!  I don’t know why I thought that this would be a good 43 – it was fine for about 10 reps and then it was not fun anymore!!!

Now that we are back from our quick TX trip, I am back to teaching my early morning Boot Camps.  Today we did a workout based on the idea of a WOD (from CrossFit) – except we did 7 different ones – for 5 minutes each!  It was AWESOME!!!  The 45 minutes went very quickly!

I decided to go for a run after boot camp because it was so nice out (about 62).  This was probably the best run I’ve had in awhile!!!  I was shooting for 8 minute miles – 3.5 miles in 28:10  (pretty close to pace!!) + 0.5 mile cool down.  Considering that the entire run was full of hills, I feel good about this run – FINALLY!!!

Screen shot 2013-07-01 at 8.01.10 AMI love lots of things about modern technology – iPhones, laptops, iPads, digital cameras, Skype, texting……

But, there are a few issues about all of the above that sort of bother me.

1.  Visiting face-to-face is almost becoming a thing of the past.  One of the best parts of my trip to TX was the time I spent just hanging out with my Poppa.  I left my phone in my purse and just enjoyed the time with him without any distractions.  It was AWESOME!!!

2.  We are dependent on our phones!!Screen shot 2013-07-01 at 8.07.48 AMI know that I’m not the only one who has left my house and then turned around to go back because I forgot my phone!!  

3.  We can interact with anyone anywhere at anytime.  This is the thing that, while I enjoy all of my interactions with other bloggers all over the country (and a couple of other countries) – can be the most scary.  The reason this scares me is that I’m not the only one in our family who has access to all of the modern technology and the ability to interact with others.

My boys play games (Minecraft!!!) either on the computer or the XBox and I guess there are chat/instant message boards that anyone else playing the game at the same time can join in and see.Screen shot 2013-07-01 at 8.14.37 AMThese little chat boards don’t bother me too much but hooking up with different people and skyping them – totally creeps me out.  (not the face-time skype, just the messaging kind)  

I told my boys that just because someone says they are a 15 year-old girl doesn’t mean they really are.  And, when someone starts sending you creepy messages, it is never a good thing.

When I was their age, I knew the people that I went to school with and saw in person – that was it.  Now, you can “know” lots of people that you will never see in person and that can be a good thing or a really scary thing!

Has anyone ever had a bad experience with a cyber “friend”?

Happy Monday!!


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