Strength Days – Cardio Days – Combo Days

Today’s 44 was fun – one of my favorite moves in a new way!!  I love deadlifts and today I did a sumo deadlift (legs wider then hip width with toes slightly turned out) – go down one leg, while down (back flat) rotate torso slowly over to other leg and come up – reverse the move – once you are back at the starting position you have completed 1 rep.

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This 44 took awhile just because it is a move that has to be done slow and controlled to avoid injury.  I’m pretty sure that tomorrow I will feel this in my hamstrings and glutes!!!

I did another Jari Love DVD today – Get Extremely Ripped – Boot Camp.  This was about an hour and 10 minutes of hard work!!!  The segments alternated between combo moves for the upper and lower body with weights, cardio blasts (3 minutes each), ab work – basically some of everything in a nonstop workout.  It was awesome!!!

Screen shot 2013-11-04 at 6.57.36 AM


While I was working out this morning I started thinking about my workouts and how much they have changed over the years.  

About 10 years ago, all I did was run.  No weights, no cross-training of any sort, no toning/strengthening exercises – just running.  And I was injured a LOT!!!  

It finally got to the point where I knew that I couldn’t keep running every day but I still wanted to work out so I started trying new things – lifting (P90X, the Get Ripped series, Chalean Extreme), Insanity, Turbo Fire, Jillian Michaels workouts, even some Pilates and Yoga!!!  

I used to alternate days between weight training 

Screen shot 2013-11-04 at 7.03.59 AMand running 

Screen shot 2013-11-04 at 7.05.24 AM

and that worked for awhile.

Then, I went back to working full time and had to fit my workout in between 4:30 and 6:00 am.  And I discovered how great combo workouts can be!!

Screen shot 2013-11-04 at 7.07.05 AMThere are still days that I only run and there are some days that I don’t do any cardio – just a hard weight workout.  

But, my favorite workouts are those that integrate weights and cardio (like the one I did this morning!).

So, what do you prefer – keeping your strength and cardio separate or workouts that mix the two?  Or do you skip weights completely?

Happy Monday!!!  (wish me luck – I’m off to tackle the nasty apartment!)


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