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Unlimited Potential

Today for the  43 I used my BOSU again!!!


Today I used it for cardio, balance and toning all at the same time!!!  I started by standing behind the dome, jumped onto it and squatted, jumped off the sides (straddle) into a squat, jumped back on and squatted then stepped off the back for 1 rep.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFsT5a6WHyk’]

The demo is painful (I could not get my balance!!).  I found during my actual 43 that if I kept my center of gravity lower (basically stayed in a partial squat) during the jumps, it was easier to stay balanced and do the squats.  I enjoyed this 43!!!

I also did Les Mills Combat – Power HIIT.  I’m not gonna lie – that work-out seems harder every time I do it!!!  Maybe because I know all the exercises and can really push hard the entire 30 minutes.  It has things like power press x 20 (which is actually 60 squats with shoulder presses) and I used 15 pound dumbbells for those today!!  Burpees with push-ups and up into 2 tuck jumps x about a million!  Fun stuff!!!

I wanted to really push myself (I think a couple of lazy days helped me kick my tiny illness and now I’m ready to go hard again!!!) so I decided to hop on my treadmill after the HIIT.  (15 degrees outside is way too cold for me to attempt an outdoor run!!!)

4 miles at 1.5 % incline   25:19    (+ an easy 2 total time 48:45)

  1. 7:48
  2. 6:32
  3. 5:46
  4. 5:13

It was hard but it felt good to push like that after my pathetic attempt outside the other day.  Hopefully it will warm up and I will get back out on the road again this week!!!

Last night on the Biggest Loser, the contestants ran a 5K.  Because I am a complete geek – I actually clapped for each of them as they crossed the finish line!!!  I love it when they (or anyone for that matter) really dig deep and push themselves to do something they thought was completely impossible!!!

Screen shot 2013-01-22 at 10.32.03 AM

I think we all have unlimited potential – we just have to dig deep to find it and then push ourselves to reach it!!!

This guy has the right idea:Screen shot 2013-01-21 at 5.44.41 PM

Yesterday was a big day for Hunter!!!

Hunter before braces - nice pic!
Hunter before braces – nice pic!
Hunter after braces
Hunter after braces

This morning he told me he is already ready to have them off.  Ummm…..soon (like 1.5-2 years!!!).  I think they make him look even older than he really is.

Happy Tuesday!!!



Dumbbells & Balls & Combat & Treadmills – Oh My!!!

For my 43 today, I did a move similar to one that I saw on the Biggest Loser last week!!!  It is one of those great exercises that uses lots of different muscle groups!! (my favorite kind of exercise!)

Start with your upper back/head on a stability ball and dumbbells in your hands (I used 8 pounds today).  Do a chest press – stand – do a shoulder press- lay back down on ball and repeat.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dszS-yLSQ0′]

Loved this exercise – will definitely do it again!!!

After I took Hunter to school, I came back to the still sick Jordan Screen shot 2013-01-15 at 8.18.55 AMand did the rest of my work-out.  Today was HIIT Power with Les Mills Combat.  This work-out is only 30 minutes but it is intense!!!  (It also has 40ish burpees with push-ups and squat jumps or tuck jumps!!!)  Fun times!!!

After I finished the Combat work-out I wanted to test my hip on the treadmill.  I only ran 3 miles (+ 1 mile cool-down) but I felt good and pushed the last mile (even though I’m not supposed to!!!).  Total for 3 miles – 20:34 – WooHoo!!!  Happiness!!!

I can’t wait to start increasing my mileage!!!

Can you tell I’m enjoying my morning off?  I got to sleep past 5:00 am and spend a little extra time working out – Yippee!!!  I am just working afternoons for a couple of days so that the person who I have been working for can ease back in to her job (and I can ease on out).

I don’t know about where y’all live/work but here the flu and other illnesses are OUT OF CONTROL!!!  Yesterday at the school I have been working at there were over 60 kids home sick (plus at least 10 staff members)  That is about 15% of the school – YUCK!!!

Screen shot 2013-01-15 at 8.20.41 AM


Happy Tuesday!!!



It’s Monday – Let’s Do This!!!

Today the daily 43 was bright and early!!!  This one was actually fairly easy – yea!!!  (gotta have that every once in awhile in order to really appreciate the big challenges!!!)

The move today was a plie squat – on your toes the entire time!!!  My calves and inner thighs will thank me later!

I feel like a dork!
I feel like a dork!
What do I do with my hands??
What do I do with my hands??

Thanks, Jordan! (you don’t look like a dork at all!!!)  I tried to make sure that I kept all of my weight in my butt and centered (not leaning forward).  Fun 43!

Back before Christmas, I got my newest work-out program in the mail – Les Mills Combat.  I didn’t start right away because I really have been trying to let my stress fracture heal even if I occasionally most of the time, bend the rules!  However, yesterday, I read a review over at Melinda’s Fitness Blog and decided that I couldn’t wait any longer!!!

This morning I went through the Basic DVD – mostly just an intro and learning proper technique for all of the punches, kicks, etc.  Then I did Combat 30: Kick Start.  I did enjoy it but I think I will like it even more after I do it a couple of times so that I don’t miss anything!  Should be a really great program – looking forward to getting some of my cardio groove back!!!

Biggest Loser


I’m so excited about the new season of Biggest Loser!!!  One of my favorite shows ever!  Especially with my favorite trainer!


soooo happy she is back!!!
soooo happy she is back!!!

Well – I’m off to start a busy week!!!  Hopefully it is a great week for y’all!

Happy Monday!!


PS – in case any one wondered (or cared – or even thought about it!!) – through all of the plastic bin schlepping, tree untrimming, shelves crashing and shelf building – I didn’t break a single nail!!!!  Success and happiness!!!