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“It’s Against the Law”

Today for my 44 I tried a new to me move – a football stomp with an axe jump (plyo  jack).  The football stomp is basically fast feet for about 5 seconds and then you do a plyo jack.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGgOsnw0Zdo’]

(Still can’t figure out why all the early morning videos are so yellow – better do some playing around with my camera!)  This was a fun 44 and it went really quickly!

I haven’t been running a lot lately (mental block & babying my Achilles) but thought I should get in a few more runs in the next week and a half so that’s what I did this morning.

The run was great – I did 6 miles at a quick pace and then an easy 1.75 miles for 61:00 total minutes of running.  (1.5% incline)  Hopefully another couple of runs will happen in the next week and then it will be time to see what I’m made of!!!

Screen shot 2013-10-01 at 9.17.24 PMI rarely have any type of controversial post and political stuff isn’t a big topic for me.  However, I couldn’t totally let this whole government thing go.  

As you all know, Chris is a pilot for the United States Air Force – he is in the Kansas Air National Guard.  For 27 years he has served our country.  

Now, thanks to a very unsettled government, there are many military and other government people who are being furloughed and are looking at a few days, weeks, whatever the time period ends up being, of not getting paid.

Screen shot 2013-10-01 at 9.15.54 PMThe way I see it, if the government is shutting down, Congress should definitely not be getting paid – all of them not just the few who have offered to waive their pay.

And, with a shut- down there should at least be some extra days off.

Here was the conversation between Chris and I last night:

Kim:  I think the US military should stage a walk-out if they aren’t going to get paid.
Chris:  That’s against the law.
Kim:  The law made by the same government that is now not paying you?!  Oh – well that seem’s fair completely RIDICULOUS!!!

Obviously I tend to exaggerate things a little since (supposedly) the military will still get paid.

So – yesterday I said I was thankful that Chris still had a job – and I am.  However, I’m not thankful for the way things are being handled in our country right now.  Just my very un-educated point of view on the matter!!!

And, for the record, I think that all government employees should stage a walk-out!!!  

Happy Wednesday!