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Scared, Nervous, Excited, Scared

Today’s 44 was a Pilates based move – the single leg stretch.  Just because the name of it has the word stretch, don’t think it wasn’t a challenge!!!

right leg
right leg
left leg
left leg

A right leg up and left leg up counted as 1 rep.  I tried to keep my toes pointed and my legs straight.  Keeping the bottom leg off the ground the entire time and my head and shoulders up made this a great core workout!!!

Screen shot 2013-10-10 at 9.20.51 PMThis week I’ve been slightly completely obsessing about my race this weekend.  Not gonna lie – I’m ready for it to be Monday and the race behind me (is that bad?)!!!

The emotions that I’ve felt this week have ranged from excitement to complete fear of failure!!!  

I think that the things I’m the most scared about are 

Screen shot 2013-10-10 at 9.25.31 PMDon’t get me wrong – I love a good rain storm but I do NOT want to run in rain all night long.  I think it is supposed to be a little on the cool side which I can handle as long as I’m not wet!  Remember – I’m a treadmill runner most of the time!!!

My other biggest fear is my stomach!  Running makes my stomach hurt a lot these days!!! Hopefully it won’t be a huge issue!

I would have liked to rest my legs a little more this week – I’m not sure that being on them from 6 am till 4 pm a couple of days (boot camp, cleaning, set-up, ironing…..) was the best plan but it’s what it is these days!!!

Screen shot 2013-10-10 at 9.35.28 PMI do have a couple of goals – I have thought all week about whether or not to share them and I might as well – I’m pretty much an open book!!!

1.  Finish!!!
2.  Be the first female.
3.  Break 10 hours.

#1 is my main goal but I figure I might as well go big with my other goals!!!

I’m already planning to utilize a run/walk plan during the race – and, for the record, Jordan told me the other day – 

“It doesn’t count if you don’t run it all!!!”

Nice!!!  Then Chris said he could probably complete 50 miles, too  (on foot?!).  

Today I’m going to try and make sure that I have everything I need and hopefully get a good night’s sleep before my all-nighter (way to old to lose a night of sleep!!!).

Happy Friday!!!


Kale Recipes, Anyone???

Today’s 43 was all about cardio.  I did a right shuffle (4 shuffles) – touched my right hand to my right foot then reversed direction for 1 rep.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMCtlTJIl7s’]

Thanks, Hunter, for doing this demo (even without shoes!) – wish the lighting had been better.  (I’m pretty sure that is due to user error!!!)

It was fun to do a simple, cardio based 43 for a change.

After the 43, I tried the Plank Ab-Burner that the Fitnessista posted yesterday.  If you haven’t been over to her site and checked it out you should – your core will thank you (later!!!).  It is only a 4-minute routine (good thing, too!) but it will challenge you the entire time!!!

For the rest of my workout on this rainy day in Kansas,

finally some rain!!!
finally some rain!!!

I hopped on my treadmill and did some incline work.  I kept the speed down (6.5 miles in 60:30) but the incline at 10% for mile 1, 12% mile 2, 15% mile 3, then 12% for miles 4-6.  YIKES!!!  I think I need to get in more hills!!!

Enough work-out talk!!!  Onto food – namely Kale.  Last night, for the first time ever, I made some kale.  This is the final product (after we had all taken a serving because I forget to get a picture before):Kale Chips

I’m not sure if it will make a return appearance at our table or not.  I think I need more ideas for making it (or just to perfect the one I tried).

I keep reading about kale and all the benefits from it so I bought some and thought I would try to make kale chips.  First off, I have no idea what it means to massage the kale!!!  I washed it really well and tore it into bite size pieces.  I tried to dry it but I’m pretty sure I didn’t do that very well.

Then I spread (more like piled) it on a large stone baking sheet, sprinkled (more like poured) some olive oil on it and sprinkled with season salt.  I think this is where I really messed up – it looked like such a huge amount that I probably put way too much oil and salt.

Who knew that it would cook down to almost nothing?  (not me for sure!!!)  It didn’t get as crispy as I thought it would (I’m guessing the oil & not drying it enough had something to do with that).

The verdict:  Hunter said it was a bit strong (I think he meant too salty!!!), Jordan said it was OK, and Chris didn’t really comment (which means not his favorite but he doesn’t like to say negative things about my cooking – he’s super smart!!!).  I liked it fine but I think I need help if I’m going to try it again!

I googled some of the benefits of kale and found out the number 1 benefit is it can keep you looking attractive!!!!  Screen shot 2013-02-07 at 10.36.38 AMAnother benefit is anti-aging!

So I think I better practice up on my kale techniques!!!

Any recipes or suggestions would be welcome!!!

Happy Thursday!  In factThirsty Thursday