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Spring Break

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 9.00.05 PMMy boys started spring break today (tomorrow is a teacher work day since it is the end of the quarter) and it is much needed!!!

Actually, Hunter hasn’t been to school since Tuesday because he has the flu – poor guy has been pretty miserable for a couple of days.

We don’t have any big vacation plans for the week (good thing since Hunter is sick) but it will be a great week of relaxing and recharging for all of us!!!

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 9.03.13 PMChris is going to work Monday & Tuesday but then he will take the rest of the week off so we will have several days with no alarms and very few obligations!!!

The weather looks like it will be fairly nice most of the week (never know with spring in Kansas) so we should be able to be outside some even if it’s not beach weather!!!

We are looking forward to a simple week with no big plans except to enjoy ourselves and let go of our schedule for a few days – perfect!!!

Do you like spring break (or vacation weeks) when you can relax at home or do you prefer taking a big trip?

Happy Friday!!!


It’s the Weekend!! Time to Kickback and Relax! HaHaHa

Today’s 44 was a different way to try a standard move.  I took some advice from Tamara @ Fitknitchick and tried a unilateral move.  I did a single arm shoulder press – non-working arm stays extended the entire time (so it is really working!!).

Hold two equal weight dumbbells at shoulder height. Extend both arms up and over your head, keeping weights slightly in front of your head. Keep non-working arm fully extended while you lower the working (weighted) arm towards your shoulder. Press back up to the starting position. Complete all repetitions on one side then switch to the other. (thanks to Tamara for this explanation of the move!)  

extend right arm
extend right arm

I thought that 8 pounds wouldn’t be challenging enough so I did 10 pounds – yikes!!!

a second side
a second side
my right arm is dying!
my right arm is dying!

This move was hard – keeping the “non-working” arm up the entire time makes this move 10x harder.  And the 2nd set of 44 was brutal but I kept the same weights so that I could try to be balanced!!!

Screen shot 2013-09-21 at 6.17.22 AMI remember when the weekend used to mean a little bit of down time!!!  Now, the weekend means that I have to do some major planning to make sure we all get to the events and activities we are supposed to!!

Lately, every Saturday has started butt crack early (especially since Friday night football means we are up till at least 11:00 – late for us!!!).  Screen shot 2013-09-21 at 6.19.43 AM

This morning, Chris and I are each judging 2 rounds of debate (part of Jordan’s debate grade – funny how it involves us!!).  Hunter has to get to the middle school to ride the bus to the cross country meet before we get home – good thing for friends to come get him!!!  

After our judging career ends, we will run home to get Jordan and take him to the high school so he can spend the rest of the day being a timer at the debate tournament.  Then Chris and I will book it to Kansas City for Hunter’s cross country meet.  


Screen shot 2013-09-21 at 6.19.25 AM

Busy but it will all be fun!!!  

Jordan is really enjoying marching band so the Friday night craziness is totally worth it.  Plus, the football games are always fun!

Band Wear - this is what they wear under their uniforms
Band Wear – this is what they wear under their uniforms
Jordan is on the close end (trumpet)
Jordan is on the close end (trumpet)

Weekends in your world – relaxing or crazy?


Happy Saturday!!!  Relaxing or rushed – I hope it’s a great one!!


Somedays are just made for Relaxing!!!

Today I convinced Jordan to do the demo for my 43 – it has been awhile since he has made an appearance on here!  (Maybe cause he’s 14 and too cool for this?!)

Anyway, the move was a push-up with one hand on my favorite piece of equipment!


Do a push-up then walk your hands over so that you switch hands on top and repeat.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxlc4mXgwIY’]

Jordan kept his feet in place but I think I moved mine a bit – either way is fine!!  I counted each push-up as 1 because I don’t think I could have done 43 on each side for a total of 86!!!  Maybe I should have tried since I’m still trying to build up to doing 1-armed push-ups!!!

Here is a picture of me on #36!

#36 - Hurry!! I'm dying here!!
#36 – Hurry!! I’m dying here!!

(You can see that I did walk my feet to make my body more of straight line.)

The rest of my work-out today – NOTHING!!!  I’m trying to take a day off most weeks (whether I want to or not!!!).

Maybe I will just spend the whole day relaxing – except for doing the laundry, cleaning some,  a quick trip to the grocery store after I plan out some meals for the week, making dinner…

Well, at least I’ve already done my wall sits for the day – 10x 1 minute each!

I pass the minutes with my phone!!! (plus I use the timer on my phone)
I pass the minutes with my phone!!!
(plus I use the timer on my phone)

Nice bed head!!!  Glad I can pass the time with my phone – sometimes a minute is really LONG!!!

Happy Sunday – hopefully everyone can relax for at least part of the day!!!Screen shot 2013-02-10 at 9.41.48 AMKim