Taking Time to Appreciate the Beauty of Fall

Today for my 44 I went back to my coaching days (except since I was working out in my basement and not a basketball gym I had to improvise!!) and did suicides!  

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yUwm8eMxQU’]

The distance that I covered was relatively short but since I counted a right-left as 1 rep and kept going for all 44 reps, it was still a great way to get my heart rate up.  (You can see my workout DVD paused in the back-ground – had to stop for the video before Chris left for work!)

I did a Jillian Michaels DVD today – Kickbox Fastfix.  This workout has 3 20 minute segments with various fast paced kickboxing drills.  I did all 3 sections for a good hour workout.  The one downside to this program – if you follow Jillian and her group then you will end up very unbalanced – she does not switch leads at all during this one.  (Fortunately I already knew that and just did it myself but it is sort of a pain!!)

Yesterday before lunch I convinced Jordan to go on a walk with me and take advantage of the incredible fall weather (it was almost 70 yesterday!).  

Some pictures along the way – 

in our yard
in our yard


my favorite - love the orange
my favorite – love the orange
another shot because I love this one
another shot because I love this one
fun with leaves
fun with leaves

At this point Jordan said I was weird and he was going in!!!  Hmmm….

I love fall!
I love fall!

Every day last week I enjoyed the beauty all around me  and I kept thinking that I needed to take the time to walk around and truly appreciate it.  

Even though Kansas isn’t my favorite place – I do love the fall.  There are trees of all colors, the weather is cool but not completely cold (YET!!) and it is time for soup!!!

Do you have a true fall where you live?

Happy Monday?


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