The FitBit Force

Today’s 44 was all about hold and control!  I held a chair pose and did alternating side tap-outs.

chair pose (in the mirror!)
chair pose (in the mirror!)

Because I had to take my own pictures using the mirror reflection, I couldn’t hold both arms up.  However, when I did the actual move, I really did keep my arms up the entire time!!!

tap right
tap right
tap left
tap left

So, even though the pictures are awful, you can get the basic idea!!!  I counted a right tap out and a left tap out as 1 rep.

I think this year I’m going to work my way through all of my workout DVDs – that should be a fun way to mix things up!!!

This morning I did Jillian Michaels Hard Body – Level 1.  This is a 45 minute workout that incorporates strength training and cardio – my favorite!!!

FitBit Force
FitBit Force

Yesterday I mentioned that I scored a major deal on a FitBit Force.  I have been wearing it every day this week and so far it has been good as a pedometer but that is about it.

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 8.53.35 AMAbove is a screen shot from yesterday.  I think the steps are probably right (sadly all but about 2200 of them were during my run and then I was a slug!!) but nothing else is accurate.

I ran 8 miles hard yesterday and then did another 2.5 miles (10.5 miles total) – and the mileage for the entire day doesn’t even show 6 miles?!

Also, the active minutes isn’t accurate – yesterday I was on the treadmill for a total of 95 minutes.  Right now (after my workout, 44 and other moves) the active minutes is showing 1.  Really?!

I know the calorie count is way off which is fine because I don’t really pay attention to that anyway.

The part that is the most disappointing is the sleep tracker.  I thought it would really show how much I’m awake and sleep patterns but it doesn’t.  Because it is on your wrist, you have to be moving that arm a LOT for it to realize that you are awake.  I usually try to lay still even when I can’t sleep so basically the entire time I’m in bed it records as sleep time.

I’m going to keep wearing my FitBit and trying to really increase my daily steps but I’m very happy that I only ended up spending a couple dollars on this since it is really just a pedometer at this point.

Any thoughts on the FitBit and ways to make it more accurate overall?

Happy Thursday!!!  3 degrees with snow covering the ground here  – pretty sure I need a beach!!!


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