The Hardest Worker I Know – a Feel Good Story!!

You know those stories you read about someone coming from nothing and working hard to become a success?!  Well, Chris is a perfect example of how that can happen!

3 generations
Chris with his dad & grandpa

Chris has 4 sisters (he is the next to youngest) and about the time he turned 12, his parents divorced.  His mom raised all of them on her own.  She often worked 3 jobs at the same time to provide for them.

Early on Chris knew he wanted to be a pilot but he didn’t think he had a chance since there wasn’t any extra money.

high school
high school

However, he found a way!!!  He lost the beard (and some of the hair!!) and enlisted in the Air Force.ChrisHe earned his college degree while in Active Duty and then he joined the Kansas Air National Guard in the Weather Flight.

Eventually he earned a pilot slot and went to pilot training (Hooray, since we met during that time!!!)!!  Of course, he didn’t stop working hard just because he was in – he graduated top in his class!!!

Chris has been part of the Kansas Air National Guard for over 20 years now and has been promoted numerous times.

Effective Monday, September 8, Chris will become the Vice Wing Commander at the base.  (For those of you who don’t know military lingo – this means he is the 2nd in command of the entire base!!!)

This is a huge deal for a guy from Holton, KS who has worked incredibly hard his entire life for everything he has!!
I am so very proud of him and this incredible accomplishment/achievement!!

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 3.38.48 PM

Chris has always been a natural leader and he will shine in his new role.

In all areas of his life (as Colonel Turner, dad, “babe”) Chris sets an example for me and everyone around him to work hard and always do the very best job possible!!!

Happy Thursday!!!


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