Time to Make a Few Changes

Today I used one of my small wobble balls for the 44.  I balanced on it – 

lifting up so you can see it
lifting up so you can see it

Just sitting on this was a bit of a challenge!!  While staying balanced on it, I did double leg raises.

lift & hold

You can’t even tell that the wobble ball is under me in the pictures but it is and I promise it adds to the challenge!!!

Today was a run day!!!  8 miles in 63:12 with 1.5% incline
I’m planning to run again tomorrow – rare for me to run back to back but I’m thinking it will be OK!!!

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 6.58.13 AMSo, I know I won’t ever be perfect but I do need to make a few changes.  

I think I’ve talked before about the fact that we try to eat healthy most of the time but I love chips, Cheetos and several other empty calorie items.  And, I know I haven’t made any secret about the fact that I love my evening cocktail!!!


But lately, I feel like my appetite has been out of control.  Last night within 30 minutes of dinner (where I ate more than enough!) I was starving!!

I think that I need to play around with the amount of protein I get because I’m not sure that I always take in enough.  I know that over the weekend I had minimal protein which might explain how hungry I was yesterday.

I can also tell that I have put on a little weight around my middle and I want to get rid of that – 

after run
after run

Sort of hard to see clearly from this angle but trust me, it’s there.  

So, nothing major but I figure I need to make a few changes now and see if it helps.  I realize that each year I will have to work a little harder to maintain the shape I want and there are always things that I’m not willing to give up completely (potato chips & WINE!) but I can scale back on some of the things that I love and try some new things.

Do you ever feel the need to make some small changes in your eating to maintain the size/shape you want to be?

Happy Tuesday!!


BTW  – this is just me being real about myself.  I’m not comparing myself or size to anyone because what works for some isn’t necessarily right for me.  I just know what makes me feel my best and I want to try to stay at that point.

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