TrailHeads – Not Just for Running Trails!!!

Have you heard about TrailHeads?  They have some really great products to help get you through the brutal elements of the winter.  Great for runners and non runners alike because everyone has to be out in the cold at some point!!!

I was invited to pick an item to review and couldn’t wait to try out the convertible mittens.  Convertible MittensLook – they can be a mitten or fingerless gloves!!  And, for the record, I walked through several stores with the mitten part pulled back – I’m classy like that!!!

If you know me, you know that I am not a fan of the cold and/or snow.  In fact I try to avoid it whenever possible!!!


But, I did test out my mittens on numerous occasions because I still have to be outside a LOT!!!

I liked the weight and feel of them on my hands.  I also loved the fact that I could bunch my fingers together inside of the mitten part to keep them warm.

Because I have Raynauds my fingers get way too cold sometimes.  The best part of these convertible mittens is the fact that I can easily stick my hand warmers in –


DSCN2842The heat from the warmers keeps my fingers much warmer and fits perfectly in these mittens!!!

Another fun feature with the mittens is that they have little magnets in the thumb area so they stick together –

DSCN2847And, you can see that the white part is reflective which is pretty awesome!!!

I was sent the convertible mittens for free but all of the opinions here are truly my own thoughts  – I recommend them for anyone who has to go outside for any reason during  the arctic winter months!!!

Convertible Mittens

The mittens are even on sale right now for just $19.95!!!  If you haven’t tried TrailHeads this would be a perfect item to try!

Have you ever used any of the great outdoor wear from TrailHeads?
Do you like mittens or gloves?

Happy Wednesday!!



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