Tuesday Rewind

I decided that I would share a true “Day-with-kt.”

Tuesday, June 3

5:00 am – alarm goes off.  Always loud and annoying but I get up because otherwise my workout clothes would just mock me later!!!

By 9:00 am, I had done my 44, run 15 miles (while catching up on some of The Bachelorette – not all because there were 2 episodes!!), started dinner in the crock pot – 

Sweet & Tangy Pulled Pork
Sweet & Tangy Pulled Pork

and made something for the boys to have for lunch – 

a confetti rice salad with chicken and lots of veggies
a confetti rice salad with chicken and lots of veggies

(small glimpse into our fridge!!).  I was almost done cleaning up from the cooking when Jordan made his first appearance of the day – but at least 9 is earlier than 11:30!!!  (Hunter had already been in for breakfast closer to 8.)

After a quick shower and primp time, I was ready for the day – 

ready to go
ready to go

Hunter and I ran to Target – he wanted to use some of his money for a new X-Box game and I had to get basics – toilet paper, paper towels – fun stuff for sure!!!


11:00 am – back home, stuff put up and ready to head downtown to meet a friend for lunch!!!

The only bummer about going downtown – metered parking!!!  I had exactly 1 quarter (15 minutes of parking).  Thankfully I had 2 dollar bills (I rarely have cash!) and I ran into a bar near where I parked to get change!!!  It was a trek to get to the place we were meeting but I’m all about adding steps!!!

Lunch was fun!!!  Then, it was time to get busy!!!

I had to stop by our venue (fairly close to downtown!) and drop off a pile of stuff from my car – 

stuff for venue
stuff for venue

I was so excited Saturday when we stopped by a friend’s house that was doing a moving sale – they had a nearly new microwave for $20!!!  And, the large black tub is full of clean tablecloths just waiting to get ironed again (Thursday’s fun!)!!!

After unloading, collecting mail and rent from our tenants, I headed to the liquor store!!!  This was actually a work trip!!!  We are bar tending (our first time) at an event on Saturday, and I had to get the stuff we need.

3:00 pm – home for a short time.  Talked to the boys a few minutes (sad how little time I spent with them yesterday but today is completely different and we have plans for the swim beach!!), then headed out to my “office” – 

my favorite work space
my favorite work space

It was actually hotter than normal out there yesterday afternoon!!!  

Chris got home around 3:30 and I chatted with him until about 4:15 then I had to get ready to head out again.

The best part about driving back to the venue this time – I chatted with Stacy (sis-in-law) the entire time!  We are trying to plan a little meet-up for July – much needed get-away!!!

5:15 pm – meeting with a June bride and her fiancĂ© to discuss how they want  everything set up for their special day!!  Always fun to be part of such a happy occasion!!!

6:00 pm – one of my favorite events every month – Hair Night!!!  I have mentioned before that I’ve been going to Jennifer for over 13 years – every 4 weeks (joy of short hair) and it is always fun!!!  

quick picture of hair after
quick picture of hair after

8:30 pm – home!!!!  I had a pork sandwich while talking to Chris a bit.  Read a few blogs but sadly yesterday was one of those days were I didn’t get to do much blog reading/commenting.  

I thought about writing this post last night but instead decided to get to bed before 10:00 for a change!!! 

FitBitOf course, the 15 miles helped on the steps but about 6,500 of those steps were done in these shoes with heels!!

SandalsWell, it’s time to get going with a new day!!!  I’m happy that this one will have a little less driving around and more time to hang with the boys!!!

Happy Wednesday!!


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