Welcome Back Sunshine!!!

I’ve been singing this song in my head the past few days – guess it worked!!

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Today’s 43 was fun and quick!!  I did a plie jump.  Start in plie – jump up, touching heels together – back down to plie.  Even just 10 of these will set your quads on fire!!! 43 will really have them singing!!!

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I did a new (to me) DVD today – Cross Training for Fitness.  (This is a Gaiam workout.)  Jessica Smith and Guillermo Gomez lead the 5 different sections.  The entire workout is made up of 5 15 minute sections:  Cardio Kickbox, Strength & Flexibility, Lower Body Balance, Core Power & Flow and Relax & Restore.

The Cardio Kickbox and Lower Body Balance both had lots of kicking and knee strikes.  They were fairly quick paced and got my heart rate up some.  The Strength & Flexibility section was great – body weight moves to really work on strength.  I loved the mixture of standing and floor work in the Core Power & Flow section.  I almost didn’t do the Relax & Restore segment but I’m glad I did – it was very calming!

I loved the variety in this workout.  Also, I learned a couple of new moves that I’m sure I can turn into 43s in the future!!!

Mr. Sun
Mr. Sun

I’m so happy to see the sun again.  It was warm in TX (close to 90) but I spent most of my time inside (hospital) so I didn’t get to fully enjoy the warmth.  It has been rainy, cloudy, dreary and COLD since I got back to Kansas Monday night.

But today…..

Blue skies and sunshine!!
Blue skies and sunshine!!

And, it’s supposed to get close to 60!!!  I’ll take it!!

Happy Fun Friday – the sunshine has already made this a happy day for me!!!


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