What’s Your Hardcore?

I think that we all have something about us that makes us hardcore.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 3.46.50 PM

There is at least one area (for some it is many areas) that we can push through any fear, all pain and succeed!!!

I know a couple of things that is not my hardcore – cold Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 3.51.53 PM(I’m a complete wimp and freely admit it!!) and, at this point anyway, running a 50 mile race.

However, I do think that with fitness in general I’m pretty hardcore.  There are very few moves/exercises that I won’t at least attempt – usually I try for 45 reps!! (at a minimum!)  Sometimes I’m not successful and have to attempt moves multiple times but that is the fun part.

Ummm....not me - thank you google search for random pictures.
Ummm….not me – thank you google search for random pictures.

Even when I fail at a move (still haven’t mastered the one arm push-up!!!), I keep going back for more because eventually I will get it!!!

What is your hardcore?
Can you do a one arm push-up?
Can you do the move that mankofit is doing in the picture above?

Happy Wednesday!!


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