150th Day = 150 Minutes of Running!!!

Today I decided to use my BOSU again for the 43.  This time, I combined it with my stability ball to have double the torture benefit!!!BOSU & Stability BallThe set-up was a bit tricky – legs on stability ball and support yourself with your arms on the BOSU.  I had a hard time extending my legs all the way (without rolling off!!) so I kept a slight bend in them.  If Once you manage to get in position, then the true fun begins – push-ups!!!!  43 hard push-ups!!!

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E95OU0xrfQI’]

I know that it looks like these would be easy since my legs are bent – almost like doing push-ups on your knees, right?  NOT the case!!  This was hard!!!  But…gotta push myself if I’m ever going to get those one-arm push-ups done.  2nd push-up move this week!!!

Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 8.20.52 AMToday is my 150th day of 43s and blogging so I wanted to do something to celebrate!!

My idea of celebrating?  Running for  150 minutes!

I kept the incline at 1.0% and the pace between 7.5mph and 8.0mph.  (average speed ended up being 7.73mph or 7.47, I think)

19.41 miles!
19.41 miles!

Between the glare and the sweat marks it’s a little hard to see but the total distance was 19.41 miles.  My timer rolls over at 100 (that’s why it looks like only 50 minutes).

A lot of y’all look so cute when you run (and after!).  I just look like a nasty mess!

After 150 min  - nice!
After 150 min – nice!

So, now I’m off to soak my tired legs so they will be up for whatever tomorrow might bring!

Happy Tuesday!


Oh, yeah –  12th day of February = 12x 1 minute wall sits – DONE!!!



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