Balancing out the Extra Indulgences

Even though I’m cutting myself some slack in some areas the next couple of weeks, working out is not one of those areas!!!  I decided to amp up my 44s to help balance out some of the indulgences!

Today I actually combined my 44 and my workout and did what I love – I ran!!!  Not only did I run, I ran HARD!!!  

The 44 – run 44 minutes (at 1.0% incline) – 7.41 miles.  I decided that I couldn’t end with that odd number so I ran until 44:27 to make it an even 7.5 miles.  (I also did 1.8 more mile as a cool down!)

It’s been awhile since I really tested my speed and endurance and I was dying by the end of this run – but it did feel good to really push myself!!!

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 8.56.40 AMIt’s all about balance and enjoying life!!!  



Do you work harder when you know that you will have extra indulgences? 

Happy Monday!!!  



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