Jack of Everything…Master of Nothing

Today’s 44 was HARD!!!  Thanks to Nellie (Brooklyn Active Mama) I did a move that is one of my least favorite because I’ve never truly mastered it – Triceps Push-ups!  I don’t know why I’ve always struggled so much with this move but I have and do!!!


So, I only did about half of my 44 on my toes – the rest were on my knees.


I also taught Garage Boot Camp – one of my last workoust for a few days!!!  (Don’t panic!!!  I will still be doing my daily 44s!!!)  Today we did Band Bootcamp.

 FYI – the following is meant to be a humorous approach it is not a self put-down in any way – just the thoughts rushing through my head!!!

Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 8.28.32 PM

I’m pretty sure that many of y’all can totally relate to this feeling!  I feel like I just flit from 1 thing to another and  even though I do lots of things I don’t think I’m doing anything super well!!!

Here are some of the main categories of things I attempt:

Runner/Athlete – I think the fact that this happens first thing every day helps. I get up early for the sole purpose of doing my workout so I know that it will always happen.

Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 8.36.06 PMBoot Camp Instructor – I feel like this summer I did a much better job here.  This fall I’m only doing class 2x a week and I don’t always feel like I do a great job.  I have a new workout typed up but I haven’t done a trial run so I don’t feel ready to teach it.  Glad I did so many new workouts during the summer.

Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 8.38.21 PM

Math Tutor – Adequate as long as it is in the morning which, ummm, most kids are in school then so not really a great plan.  By evening I’m spent (and like to have a glass of wine!).

Blogging – Well, I do it every day – does that count for anything?!  

Friend – Epic fail here!!!  I have done a poor job being a true friend lately!!!  Need to make more effort to do some get-togethers!!!

Cook –   I love to cook.  BUT – I have to do a better job planning stuff out on the weekends.  This week, I’ve done pretty good – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – 3 days, 3 meals, 3 new recipes!!!! But that isn’t the norm!

PTO Co-President (at the middle school) – What on earth was I thinking agreeing to this?!  I have done an abysmal job so far – gotta step up this one!!!

Clean – House – NOPE!!!!  (been awhile)  Business – YES (1-2x per week)

Business Chores – 
     Clean – yes (see above) – prior to every event – got this down to a science!!!
     Iron   – UGH!!!  Yes, 3 hours worth for every single event!!!
     Network – NO – when?!
     Accounting – Not so great – gotta get caught up!!!
     Yard work – Pulled weeds once!!  But, remember the new tenant wants to do this!!!
     Furniture moving/set-up – YEP – all the time!!!  Chairs are great for bicep curls!!!
     Showings/Follow-up – Showings on demand.  Follow-up – What?!
     Landlord –  Well, I rented out one apartment and some how offended one of our other tenants because I made her pay the rent for the 2nd month in a row – nice!!!

Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 8.33.27 PM

Mom  – OY – epic fail here!!!  
     Remember a few weeks ago when I forgot to pick Hunter up after school?
     Last night, Jordan had a big Band Festival at the local college.  Ummm…I did not go.  I could/should have but our band was going to play for about 15 minutes out of the 3+ hour festival.  I figure there will be pictures (and maybe even videos) on Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 8.34.28 PMsoon compliments of the parents who went and supported the kids!!!

Wife – I think that I saw Chris for a few minutes last night.  We have plans for a “date day” Friday (after I workout, blog, tutor….) – sadly, most of the day will be geared toward gathering everything I need for the weekend.

Ummm….I am a bit Type A and I think that I have a few perfectionism tendencies – maybe I need to relax and “go with the flow” a little more!!!

How do you complete the phrase?   Jack of _____________, Master of ______________.

Happy Thursday!!!  I’m off to work on my cleaning (venue), furniture moving and ironing skills!!!


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