Keeping Cool

Today’s 43 was a knee lift to a pivot lunge.  I like moves like this that are good strengthening moves but also really challenge my balance!  

To do the move:  lift your right knee – pivot to the back corner – lunge – push off of the lunging foot – pivot back to front – tap toe and repeat (x 43).  And, then because no one wants to be lopsided – switch and do the same on with the left leg.

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You can pretty much do whatever you want to with your arms – you can see that mine just sort of flail around trying to help me keep my balance!

6 am Boot Camp was the ABC workout again – even though we just did this last week, most of my group was on vacation and missed it so I brought it back today!!!  Plus, I like this one!!!  It was sort-of rough just because the humidity is out of control so breathing was hard for everyone.

I also did my 2nd round of Taylor’s challenge!!  I didn’t collapse onto the floor during it or even after but I wanted to!  The  whole workout only takes about 30 minutes but it is intense and AWESOME!!!  

I’m sure that my next line won’t make me popular but I’m cool with that – I LOVE THE HEAT OF SUMMER!!!  I’m one of those people that might complains a little lot during the winter about the cold.  And if it snows and ices – don’t get me started!!!  But during the summer, I’m completely in my element and happy!!!

However, not everyone shares my point of view!!  The boys and I spend lots of time at the swim beach and different pools.  This summer they have also spent a lot of time outside playing basketball.  During the afternoons they have to sort-of limit how long at a time they can be outside.


old school fun
old school fun

there is water involved!!!  

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We are classy for sure!!!  But the main thing is – 3 hours of basketball, running around and the dry grass got some water without anyone suffering heat stroke!!

I sat in the shade and read blogs, took pictures and enjoyed being outside even though I was sweating because there was zero breeze – a perfect afternoon in our world!!!

Happy Wednesday!!!


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