My Pre-Halloween Scare

Today I did a new (to me) move and it was hard.  It is a reverse arm raise (you raise your arms behind you).

start position
start position
raise arms behind - squeeze shoulder blades together
raise arms behind – squeeze shoulder blades together

This was hard -I just used 5 pound dumbbells and it was still a challenge.  The hard part was not just letting my arms fall but trying to  control the move on the way back down.

For Garage Boot Camp we did one of my favorites – 25 in 1 Boot Camp.  After we did 3 rounds using the full minute (so there was a little break), I challenged the group to do the 4th round with no breaks – just 25 reps of each as quickly as possible.  This was a great way to really push hard at the end of the workout!!!

Screen shot 2013-10-31 at 7.16.21 AMYesterday I felt a bit like Scooby and Shaggy!  I had to go over to our venue (the Governor’s Row House) for just a minute.  When I got there and walked up the porch, the front door was wide open!

Now, Chris and I are the only ones who have keys (I know this because I had the locks changed after we bought it) and his car wasn’t in the parking lot (he was at work!) so the door should not have been opened.

Not cool at all!!!  Actually pretty scary!

Turns out, 1 of our 3 tenants (there are 3 apartments up above the actual venue) found a way into the house and decided to go through the house instead of the side entrance to move her stuff out.  (Hmmm….you think there is a reason we gave her notice at the beginning of the month?!)

A quick call to Chris (who called our lawyer), a dead-bolt installation and now I feel a little safer.

Amazing how violated I felt at the fact that this girl (and several people I had never met) plus the girl’s dog, were all tracking in and out of my place without me knowing about it. 

Screen shot 2013-10-31 at 7.52.41 AMI’m hoping that today is just full of treats – no more tricks (or scares) for me please!!!

Happy Thursday and Happy Halloween!!


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